” Robot 2 ” Steampunk Hot Air Engine no 10

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Videos | 4 comments

Engine no 10, Robot This is an engine that even runs on solar energy using a shaving mirror on a bright sunny day. This engine runs on a tea-warmer in both the vertical and horizontal positions. The design has been kept very simple to enable the engine to run as easily as possible. It even runs on the heat of a light-bulb. With this engine I have also tried to emphasise the artistic aspect through a cleaner design. I have named this engine Robot because it is a versatile engine with a great variety of different movements. When the flywheels are in the lower position and the displacer is indirectly heated by means of the little hat it looks like a robot.
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  1. they run silent.

  2. Would be much better if we could hear the machine’s noise instead of that music..

  3. this is the best engine I have seen

  4. great engine