“Robot 1 ” Steampunk Hot Air Engine

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stirling hot air engine Engine no 10, ‘Robot’ This is an engine that even runs on solar energy using a shaving mirror on a bright sunny day. This engine runs on a tea-warmer in both the vertical and horizontal positions. The design has been kept very simple to enable the engine to run as easily as possible. It even runs on the heat of a light-bulb. With this engine I have also tried to emphasise the artistic aspect through a cleaner design. I have named this engine ‘Robot’ because it is a versatile engine with a great variety of different movements. When the flywheels are in the lower position and the displacer is indirectly heated by means of the little hat it looks like a robot.

Next?, we gonna need a gas tank, no blueprint, no problem, but first this adjustable needle valve project is presented for grade,,, leave a comment, this is not CNC, no blueprints, original design (steampunk), oil up the grizzly lathe and get ‘er done,, might as well build a full scale model, a short piece of scrap brass from the junk box and about an hour of shop time,,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, this has been #17 of this dishpan get ‘er running series, to be continued,,, Oh!, the engine is a one cylinder 1922? Fairbanks-Morse 1 1/2 hp with dishpan flywheels, hit and miss ignition, battery and buzz coil, water cooled, and an oversized piston,, and don’t forget the cylinder head repair (welded up freeze crack),,,,, the story goes on,, shopdogsam
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  1. (._.) sick

  2. Hey i was going to say that ! :p I need to find a Steampunk motor for my Steampunk Gameboy xD

  3. wonderfull

  4. you should invest in a rotating device to show it

  5. RHAE?

  6. Think about what heats the water. Unless it’s heated using solar power or something like that, you would have to burn coal or wood. That’s the polluting part

  7. I love how the first top comment is all sweet and nice and beautiful, and then the second one is “hahaha double penetration”.

  8. @devil614 it’s a steampunk engine…meaning it’s powered by steam which is evaporated water…where’s the pollution part?

  9. Hooray for pollution power! :(

  10. Haha gotta love the radically contrasting top comments

  11. SO… What’s the Idea?? ._.

  12. i like

  13. I’d like one, but only one shop in my town stocks them. It’s not as nice looking as this one and it’s $400. I would like one as a kitset so I can put it together myself.

  14. bautiful, but not a robot!

  15. Take off that pad and see how fast can it go :D

  16. It is a beautiful machine.

  17. hahaha double penetration

  18. beautiful !

  19. A true fabricator. Wish I had 1/1000 the talent and 1/10 the tools lol :)

  20. Which Gasoila sealant are you using? Looks like the soft-set, non-ptfe sealant?

  21. Very nice work! I give you an A+ for looks and for function. Anyone can make someting look good but to make it work right takes talent, and you’ve got it. I restore hit and miss engines my self I try to do a good job on my stuff too, I posted a video response of one that I fixed up. It took a 5 years to get the parts for it, the ones that I couldnt afford to buy I made. It was a fun project, I love the basket cases. Thank you for all of your videos!

  22. gee ,,, stop talking and just do it

  23. Oh Captain! my Captain! The teacher can’t be given a grade. How about D for Daring?

  24. Grade A+ you can’t ask fer anything better. Your instructor would be proud.Because your work would reflect back on him. I like your mind prints. Like a mind movie. Do your work as if your life depended on it to work.That’s how I maintain my Harley. well there’s that train whistle From the south shore of the Missouri.

  25. Nothing shows pride in your work like taking care of the small details.

  26. A+ for sure !

  27. Man, i give you an A+ that mixer valve looks great, now lets start that bastard up!

  28. I ‘ll give you an A+ man thats a great job of building right there

  29. you do fantastic work A + i cant wait to hear it run

  30. Hey Sam,
    That’s plumb beautymos!!! I can hear it runnin now!

  31. You deserve an A++ for part 1 of this test for sure.
    Part 2 will be when we hear that engine sound happy.
    We are rootin for ya, Sam !

  32. Inference

  33. At Last! a automatic iference application of thread tape on a thread in the right rotation! 10/10!

  34. Top of the class Sam, looks real good.

  35. Top knotch work on the small mill and lathe . U get an AAA grade