robin moses nail art: victorian steampunk goth design tutorial industrial

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 22 comments

here is a beautiful and easy design with floral. i hope you guys like it. i didnt get a great ‘front’ picture because i forgot to take one, so sorry that i dont have a proper representation of this design :) http



  1. What brushes do u use?

  2. I wish I could draw that to my own nails !

  3. no kidding..spread the word so i can! lol

  4. k, love your channel, but you have to stop with the laundry!

  5. awesome……..that means a lot to me. because iknow what you mean……….and i would have to agree and i dont wear nails either. look up “mackenzie-childs” and look through their stuff……….it is the most beautiful and wonderful stuff ever…..i fell in love with them years ago and you will see how they sometimes influence me :) i am so glad you like this is SO infuriating i didnt get a good pic..i am goiing to redo this design just for a clear picture

  6. indeed i am! if i wasnt, it just wouldnt be the same! hahahahah :) (or it would be super late)!!!!

  7. thank you! i decided to just let it happen…it was something to think about when i started…..but, i figured everyone would know me as me…some people get cool stuff and i get the dryer….LOLOLOL its true! i like it too :) :)

  8. …LOL i kinda like the sound of the Washer/Dryer going it kinda makes one feel like they are right there in the same room with you watching you Create ^_^ I swear i can almost smell the fabric softener ~_^ *grins*(hugz)

  9. well, i am just so happy that you are watching and you love them…if they make you happy, then that means something! id love for you to try them, but if you cannot………at least you have fun watching and thats my reason for doing have fun :)

  10. hahahahahahaha!!!!! its in the morning!!!!! you know if i am filming if it is between 2-6 because that is the dang washer!!!!!

  11. I LOOOVE all of your tutorials, it’s just sad that i can’t do any of them.

  12. WOW! this is Gorgeous! as is all your designs…..Hmmmm i don’t think i heard the dryer in the other video :D (Hugz)

  13. haha thank you!!! :)

  14. to date these are my favourites .. this is a design that i could and would wear .. now i never do my own nails so thats a mega compliment :) x

  15. lol doing laundry again are we? <3

  16. thank you so much! i love love this design and i am sad i didnt get a great cover picture for her. it really is so much prettier with the right colors!! arghhhh….i am so happy you are watching :) i might do another one of these just to get a good picture! hahah !! xoxoxoxox

  17. thank you :) and thank you so so much for watching. i am so happy that my videos got to you!!! i am so glad you like them :)

  18. thank you so much keana!

  19. Your designs are just stunning!

  20. love the ring finger with the white strips and everything its soo perfect

  21. thank you so much dreams :) i am so so glad you are watching and learning from them …that makes me very happy to know :)

  22. haha! you have asked me the one question i cannot answer. i never paint my own nails…..when i find a person who paints their own nails well (or if you are watching and have the answer out there) i will post the answer for you. i am teaching nail art from the perspective of the manicurist and i WISH i could help you. hopefully someone will have a good answer to this question soon! when they do, iwill post it on my blog.