ROBIN MOSES BLACK OPAL vintage nails iridescent steampunk nail art tutorial design 699

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(in elegant and steampunk playlist) here is me using foils and pigments. to learn more see my FAQ videos and also google “robin moses frequently asked questions” i get all my pigments at the drugstore on sale all the way up to the MAC counter. i do not have a favorite brand. i use “the best glue ever” bought at (most asked questions in video LINK) (most asked questions in text) instagram= robinmosesnailart AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only seconds and is so important to me) Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. — Dr. Seuss



  1. Oh I didn’t mean that in a bad way, sure her stuff is nice and all and it’s cool that she has the success she has. But you have a rare gift, not many people can do what you do, especially on a small surface. I personally think you are the best when it comes to nail art and I do hope more people notice and credit you for the awesome art you do.

  2. well, cute polish has a young audience and all girls have computers. people learning art are mostly in college etc and people that are older dont watch youtube as avidly. i have faith and i believe that someday i will have a big following. we just have different styles, i am very happy for her success. :D

  3. How cute polish gets more views than you is beyond me. What she does is simple stuff what you do is art. Nail artists or people who want to do nail art should look at your videos. I always recommend your videos to friends who want to do nail art. You’re the best Robin.

  4. Yeeey! So glad it helped :D I found this out from jennysellsfoils from ebay. She sells great quality foils and sends them out with a sheet of tips and tricks, very helpful!

  5. im so glad I found you.

  6. Where do u get the best glue ever?

  7. i did!!! it works a bit better with other glues. i saw no difference with the best glue ever, but you are right. the overcoat of glue is fantastic :D thank you for sharing this tip!

  8. I heard that applying another layer of glue before the topcoat helps. Try it :)

  9. These are gorgeous, wonderful design Robin! Hope you’re doing ok!

  10. I was just curious. Thats great to hear, if you do start painting on canvas I cant wait to see your work! :) and I was wondering if you did the extensions or if they got em done then came to you for the art. thats cool though! ..

  11. Flash backs Ha HA Those were the (DAZE)!!! Pretty rainbow colors Luv it Luv flashbacks too.

  12. less art on short nails, more on long :D

  13. Hi Robyn!
    How would u go about incorperating a design to blend/mask the first two nails when they have broke really short?

  14. You’re in Oregon, right? How can i get you to do my nails?? I have a ball in November and your nail art is so dramatic and beautiful! It would be PERFECT!

    You should do Loki nails next

  16. Ryan Gosling Sexy Nails! lol :D just an idea lol

  17. do u ever do ur owe nails

  18. Oh man! I can’t tell you how much I love this!

  19. That Opal stuff is so so pretty!

  20. this is so lovely <3