Amazing sculpture !!
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. My butler becomes extremely irate when I force him to to chant “chugga chugga chugga chugga” the whole time he is cranking the machine for my Pinot Noir

  2. This is a steampunk rube Goldberg

  3. And not a drop of wine was wasted that day… or something like that

  4. How lame, wasting materials on something that can easily be done with hands.


  6. I like his optimism/certainty !

    “fingers crossed, it will pour us a glass of wine”.

    – Ah, after 2 wasteful mins. and one’s still not sure if it will work!?

  7. Maquina para abrir y servir vino. Estéticamente parece la “La máquina del tiempo”  de la novela de ficción del escritor británico Herbert George Wells.

  8. another useless garbage. thumbs up :D

  9. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. I’d like to have that just to pour wine into my glass HAHAHA

  11. steampunk without steam is posing.

  12. Pocket version

  13. This is getting harder and harder to open a bottle of wine.

  14. Dificilmente isto pode ser classificado como ócio.

  15. O mais interessante é imaginar o QUANTO ESSE CARA É DESOCUPADO E OCIOSO! tirando isso, Inteligente pra caraleo (ideia simples, mas quero ver vc fazer igual)

  16. Que merda…

  17. Praticidade, onde está seu Deus agora? rs

  18. So pratical!

  19. And the best thing is that it is portable.

  20. SteamPunk Lv 99.9