Ren Plays… – Dishonored – Sewers Ep02

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Videos | 2 comments

I decided to pick up Dishonored and you know what? Im loving it! its a game where you have many options to eliminate your assassination target in a steam punk alternative universe where everything is powered by whale oil. The game is REALLY similar to Bioshock in many ways so have fun watching! Remember to subscribe to my channel and show and be sure to share with others! Have a suggestion for a game to cover? drop a comment let me know. Just want to add a thank you here i really do appreciate any support for my channel i know everyone does it but oh well i wouldn’t be able to say thank you if i didn’t say anything. ~Ren
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  1. Actually that’s really good advice i will use it in some of the upcoming videos thank you. :D

  2. here some tips :D might help alot
    1: choas… it a b*tch because more stuff u kill, high it is, higher it is more gaurds and more traps.
    2: there many ways to to beat a misson, go in gunz blazing or hire some one else to do the dirty work, or sneak past everthing.
    3: last when get a *heart* use it befor u start moving in a misson, help get secrets and other stuff

    hope it helps