Remi February and Ken Tanaka meet Cosplayers at Comic-Con アメリカのコスプ STeampunk

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Remi’s channel Remi’s Blog and ARt My ARt. Remi February and I visited the San Diego comic con to check out some of the handsome cosplayers. We saw super heroes, star wars characters, World of Warcraft monsters, star trek stuff and many steam punk style costumes. The background music in this video is from a jam I did with Polo-Kun on harmonica and guitar. You can see it here. http I was going to dress up in my Remi February costume for this video, but Remi was too embarrassed. Maybe next time. I’d also like to dress up as a big Katamari from the game Katamari Damacy (Play Station).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Glimmar's Steampunk and Water Shader Mod.wmv

A little vid showcasing my Glimmar’s Steampunk texture pack and Necrowizzard’s ‘Water Shader’ Mod: It creates a beautiful effect of real water with reflections and distortion. Works extraordinarily well in certain situations, but with a few little glitches such as sudden changes of reflection, distance viewing and the way it overrides my portal animation. However, my new flowing water animation is happily even better looking with the mod running. Overall an astounding mod bringing a truly beautiful quality to Minecraft. Kudos to Necrowizzard for such an incredible leap forward in awesomeness!
Video Rating: 5 / 5



  1. wow and i thought i was the only powerman fan

  2. 1:05 *GAAASSP* (Thinks it’s Skyrim mascot)
    *Checks video date* sad face :(

  3. 2:16 I MET HER THAT YEAR!

  4. the japanese chick holding a phone 1:21 is a very hot woman

  5. Remi-chan is very tiny.  Nice. Thumbs Up!

  6. 0:30 LMAO! You got called out ken. :D 

  7. Perverts, You know…Just perverts.

  8. не ну это полный трындец :) ))

  9. More Remi-chan :O

    FORM BLAZING SWORD!!!!! *roar**

  10. だちょうにみみずがある!! rabu!!!

  11. Wonder girl looked hot, and that prince of persia chick was syeaming hot!!!

  12. the super (wo)man is very cuuuute!!!

  13. LOL Remi was turned on by the Hansom Voltron lion… BIG LOVE FROM MALAYSIA, KEN & REMI <3

  14. 2:13 Naruto!!!

  15. 0:30 to 0:36 loll

  16. sooo cool :D

  17. man i love that big picachu :D


  19. Wow! Catwoman was frikin’ hot!

  20. Hell Yeah!

  21. What about adding the map as a download :)

  22. GLSL Shaders is incompatible with Water Shader Mod

  23. The Music So Beautiful!

  24. perhaps u wanna add GLSL shaders with that too…

  25. This would make my video card poop itself.. :(

  26. Bester Anarchy Server! 64 slots! Server immer voll!


  27. Thanks alot man!

  28. It is the first part of The Maiden Flight by Vernian Process, if I’m not mistaken

  29. Really nice looking!
    Name of the song?

  30. deinstall java and install the x64 version

  31. The water makes the texture pack look so good, its absolutely badass.

  32. Dat water.

  33. i get out of memory… help pls

  34. Looks alot like fortress craft.

  35. Does the shader work with the prerelease of 1.9?

  36. Beautiful is too sissy a word to describe this……

  37. i believe i just got a mincraftian boner

  38. Two godly modifications now become one.

  39. Makes me wana build a harbor just to show off the mod too lol!