Rancour Fashions: Steampunk Weapons Tutorial Part 2

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 19 comments

Part 2 of a tutorial on how to take toy weapons such as Nerf guns and water guns and transform them into Steampunk weapons suitable for cosplay, original costume design, theater ect. Special thanks to our professor Tara Maginnis & her website www.costumes.org
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  1. lol I’m not correcting her… I just wanted to know if that’s indeed what she said xD, cause it’s what I got, and it was funny

  2. perfectionist.

  3. “If you want this to look cool do not be ANAL”??

  4. If you click 8 then quickly 6 she says dick on your breasts lol

  5. ^_^ wow a nice little tutoreil thanks :)

  6. Power to the freaks. I myself have plenty of jewelry and clothing i could use for steampunk material.

  7. Nice. Thanks. Accessible, and exactly what I needed to get started. Thank you.

  8. after the rub and buff do you use clear coat? doesn’t it rub off afterwards if you don’t?

  9. “and please have somthing under the glue gun because you dont want to ruin your mothers cherry oak table”……I have already done this multiple times xD

  10. wow this is amazing..thanks.. you rock

  11. this is better then indy mogul

  12. Thanks for the tutorial :) I’m making my room in steampunk style and I think I will hang my gun on the wall.Once I’m done I will post a video of it :D

  13. What a cool chick! Thanks a bunch. Great video!

  14. Awesome tutorial! Thanks so much! I have a set of water guns and I’m gonna use your technique here! I’m cosplaying as a random Steampunk girl for Puerto Rico’s Comi Con and its gonna be my first cosplay ever, hopefully it will turn out nicely! Thanks!

  15. thanks so much for this! I not American so I dont know where to find the special ‘paint’ you use. But I think i’ll fix sort something out! and I love your comments during the vid, they’re hilarious!

  16. This’ll show those overpricing con pricks that steampunk isn’t expesensive as they make it.

  17. I love sarcastic ADHD folks like you!

  18. What about using a carved sponge instead of painting for that?

  19. well you get to make it however you like….I’d seen a drawing and got inspiration for it.