Rancour Fashions: Steampunk Weapons Tutorial Part 1

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 24 comments

Part 1 of a tutorial on how to take toy weapons such as Nerf guns and water guns and transform them into Steampunk weapons suitable for cosplay, original costume design, theater ect. Special thanks to our professor Tara Maginnis & her website www.costumes.org
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  1. Thanks for your awesome video, had a general idea of how to do this but your tut helped a lot. Also had lots of fun watching, you’re pretty awesome and funny. How come you don’t upload any vids anymore?

  2. Damn… I glasses… Now I need to buy more over expensive products of a popular company.

  3. my right ear is lonely :(

  4. Just want to let you know this tutorial is great. It is what helped me get started on all the awesome guns I’ve been able to paint so far. Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. BTW, a basic gas mask will cost you 2 bucks. Just get one.

  6. Do you know what spray paint is? Or how it works.

    Think of this: little globules of plastic, suspended in a toxic gas. Now, breath the plastic and gas in. What happens?

  7. I don’t know anyone who uses a gas mask for spraypaint. Do you really think a 10 year old is gonna have one of those?

  8. Whoa…that’s pretty beast.

  9. gas mask for sray paint!? calm dow its not car paint or anything…..

  10. i have the exact same glue gun

  11. I have that glue gun

  12. Gasmask = “So you dont breath in the ugly shit.” LOL!!!! Made my day!!!

  13. People at cons sell this shit for more than 20 dollars, thank you for showing me how easy this is.

  14. hi :D i just have one question
    what is the name of the kind or type of paint in the little tube?(silver gold)
    cos well im from mexico and i almost under stand all u say XD but i don´t know what type of  paint is that , if u can tell me the type of paint it will be nice :D thanx :D

  15. thank you! ^__^

  16. only if you let it sit for too long :)

  17. did you have any problems with the paint sticking to the plastic?

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    looks good

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  21. Thanks for the tutorial! now i can make props for my college film project

  22. Lol guys. :D  Yeah I know I have ADD… ^_^ glad I could make you lol!

  23. Nice place to work. Secluded, airry… ooh PRETTY FLOWERS! Anyways….. XD

  24. haha. “anyways..PRETTY FLOWERS”