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Do you have long hair? If you are bored of the conventional hairstyles for long hair and wish to try something different, long punk hair styles are perfect for you. Well, you don’t need to get rid of your long locks to get a punk hairdo. These hairstyles are a part of the punk subculture, and are meant for people who wish to show off their non-conformist attitude to the society. These were made famous by the punk rock band artists, who believed in expressing their individuality and sported unconventional and sometimes, outrageous punk hairstyles to appear unique. If you are planning to try out long punk hair styles, it’s time to shed the conventional image. Read more on punk hairstyles for women.Long punk hair styles can give you a unique look. These can be used to define your non-conformist attitude towards style. Before you plan to style your long hair the punk way, make sure that you have the confidence to sport this kind of look.

Let’s find out more about these funky and unique punk hairstyles for girls with long hair.Punk Mullet One of the interesting long punk haircuts is the punk mullet. This is a style in which hair is kept short at the front and the sides, and long at the back. Asymmetrical lines and layers can give you a unique look certainly. Hair can be thinned out at the crown with razor cutting method and long strands can be left at the back or the sides. Hair styling products such as gels or pomade can be used to style the tresses on the crown. You can spike the hair at the crown or use bold colors to highlight your hair.Shag Many celebrities have donned this versatile haircut. Shag is one of the best ways to style your long tresses the punk way. This long punk hair style will certainly add to your sex appeal. Your hair will be cut in different lengths all over your head. the hairstylist will use a razor to create the sought-after edgy look. Highlighting your hair in striking colors along with bangs will surely jazz up your look. Choppy Layers nChoppy layered cuts with bangs also look very interesting. You can get uneven layers and smooth or angled bangs to create a distinctive long punk hair style. You can style your hair by getting very short jagged layers on the top or sides, whereas hair at the back can be left untouched. One side can be cut to a very short length whereas long strands can be kept to make an attention-grabbing long punk hair style. Different colors such as red, pink or purple can be used to highlight the hair. Bangs Bangs can be used to spice up the long punk hair styles. Geometrical bangs that fall on forehead or side wept bangs can be incorporated in the funky punk hairstyles. Bangs can be smooth or cut at an an angle. Bangs can be cut to a short length in contrast to your long hair. Blunt bangs on layered messy tresses is another trendy long punk hair style which is very much in vogue these days. If you are all set to get a long punk hair style, make sure that you get a haircut that suits your face structure. Though you might love your unique punk hairstyle but for maintaining this look, you might have to shell out money on hair styling products such as gels, wax and hair sprays. Use of chemical and hair coloring might leave your hair dry and damaged, so, you will need to pay attention to the aspect of hair care.Most women swear by chocolate to cure oneself when in a depressed state of mind, but my personal favorite whenever I am suffering from the blues is a trip to my favorite salon for a haircut. It may sound a little far fetched and unbelievable but nothing drives my bad mood away better than a new hairdo. It works wonders for me. Good haircuts have that power. They increase your self confidence and a spring to your walk. The knowledge that you are looking good and that you are going to be fending compliments for a while to come makes you feel like you are on the top of the world. But how do you make sure that you get a good haircut. One way to do that is to talk to your stylist and work out an option for haircut styles and ideas for yourself. But if you have long hair, then I suggest that you opt for long layered haircuts because there is no way that you can go wrong with one of those styles. More on long hairstyles.Layered hairstyles are best suited for women who have straight or wavy hair because with curly hair the layers may not be as visible due to the sheer volume and thickness of the hair. If you want to cut your hair in one of the many variations of long layered haircuts, then we would advise that you choose your haircut according to the structure of your face.Heart Shaped Face If you have a face that is heart-shaped, then your face is probably at its widest at the temples and narrowest at the jaw with a pointed chin. What you would want to do is get a hairline that makes your jawline appear wider. The best hairstyle for you would be long layered hair with side bangs that hide the wider area of your face, sweeping across your cheekbones. Make sure that the layers are not choppy and harsh but frame your face smoothly in soft layers. Add hair highlights to accentuate the softness of the look.Style Icon: Reese Witherspoon, atherine McPhee Oval Face Are you blessed with an oval-shaped face? Then you should probably be perennially grateful to the Gods who decide on face shapes because you are lucky to be able to sport any hairstyle that you wish. Long hair looks very good on people with oval faces. If you are getting layers, then just make sure that you do get very short layers as it will make your face look longer. Try to wear your layers near the feature that you want the attention on, like your cheekbones, lips or chin. Style Icon: Jennifer Anniston, Demi LovatoRound Face Long layered haircuts are best for people with a round face and soft features. Layers, especially ones that start after the chin elongate the appearance of the face. Never opt for haircuts that are one length hairstyles. Get your hairstylist to cut your hair in such a manner that it adds height to the top portion of your hair and reduces the volume of your hair. Try shaggy layers that move away from your face.If you have a square face, then you need to opt for long layered hairstyles that tone down the already angular features of your face. Let the layers fall at the jaw line to soften the squareness of the face. Long layered hair with bangs that are side-swept suit women with square faces but try and avoid blunt bangs as they add to the angular nature of the face. If you are opting for one of the hairstyles with bangs, then remember that you need to add softness to your face.Style Icon: Megan Fox, Rosario DawsonIt is very important to understand which hairstyle suits you the best before walking into a parlor and asking the hairstylist to blindly follow the haircut that your favorite actress sports. While you may love her look, it may look completely disastrous on you. Talk to your stylist and jointly decide on a long layered haircut that is not only in vogue but also looks good on you as well. Ensure proper hair care to maintain the style and visit your stylist every 8 – 10 weeks for a trim so that your hair does not outgrow the style. After you get the cut, do ensure that you learn from the stylist, how to style long layered hair properly, because it can be tricky. Layered haircuts for long hair are not only flattering for every woman but also a style that will definitely turn heads when you cross their paths. No matter how many changes take place in hairstyles and haircut, long hair is always gorgeous and glamorous. Whether sleek and straight, or lusciously wavy or curly, long hairstyles will never go out of fashion. With the growing number of cute hairstyles for long hair available, it is still a preffered hairstyle for million women looking for a truly feminine hairstyle. Right from the simple ponytail and beautiful braids to trendy layers and loose curls, long hair always looks elegant and classic. Cute Hairstyles for Long HairThe simplest, yet most beautiful hairstyle for long hair is perhaps the ponytail. Despite being quite an old hairstyle, it can look great if made properly. You can either gather your hair in a ponytail positioned high at the back of your head or at the back of the neck. If placed on the top of the head with few hair strands left on the front and sides, it can look really cute. Select a trendy ponytail holder to hold your hair properly and sport your long hair proudly. Elastic bands or scrunchies are perfect for holding your ponytail in place. Ponytail and braids are some of the cute hairstyles for long blonde hair. They also work well on curly hair.Braid hairstyles are perhaps one of the oldest hairstyles to be still practiced. There are many hair braiding styles that have evolved to give your long hair a tidy and clean look. Both braids and ponytail are cute hairstyles for long wavy hair, as they help to control the unmanageable curls and waves. The exotic French braid is perfect for giving a classic and gorgeous look to your hair. Otherwise, you can pin the bangs on the top of your head and part the front tresses of your hair, letting them fall freely on the sides. This look is especially ideal for formal occasions. For a casual look, take two sections of hair strands from the sides and place them at the back of the head with a crystal barrette, or make a small ponytail with the hair on the top and sides, leaving the remaining hair loosely. Layered haircuts look especially beautiful on long hair. But do not layer too much to the back. These cute hairstyles for long layered hair always place more layers to the front and not to the back. Suitable lowlights and highlights can further enhance the attractiveness of layered hair. Otherwise, you can go for some cute curly hairstyles for long hair. Loose frizz free curls are perfect updo for long hair, which can add a touch of glamor and style to your personality. Long Hair Care Tips Compared to short hair, long hair always requires additional hair care and protection. Trimming at regular intervals is vital for minimizing damages like hair breakage and split ends. Also choose the right type of hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, hair gels and sprays, etc. If you are using hair straighteners for getting sleek and straight hair, remember to not overdo it. In the long run, excessive use of hair straighteners can result in hair breakage and thinning of the hair shafts. Moisturization is the key to healthy and silky hair and if your hair is curly, then it will require more moisturization than other hair types. Hot oil treatment is the simplest way to keep hair well moisturized and hydrated. As far as the choice of hairstyles are concerned, you have to consider a number of factors like shape of your face, hair type, volume and density of hair, skin color, as well as your personality and lifestyle. Hair coloring is another effective way to make any type of hairstyle fashionable and alluring. So, experiment with some really cool haircuts along with hair coloring with well placed lowlights and highlights to create some really cute hairstyles for long hair. The right hairstyle can help in altering your looks to a great extent. For the fashion conscious people, it is not enough to have the latest designer ensembles or accessories. The hairstyle also has to complement the outfit. The cut of the dress and the way your hair are styled need to be planned with careful consideration. Hairstyle trends have been changing with time. From the basic straight cut to the layered, these have seen its variations. The average person is always apprehensive about trying out variations when it comes to hairstyles. Well, apart from people who do not like to explore, there are people who like to live life on the wild side! For such kind of people, they extend their wild behavior even to their own hair. Funky hairstyles therefore are in great demand as they help the person take a new, zany look and add an element of interest in their life. So, how does one go about trying new, funky hairstyles? These need to be thought about after you consider the shape of your face. What looks good in the magazines need not look good on you always. For that, you can even consult your hairstylist and brief the person what you would prefer in your funky haircut. Take suggestions and try to know the reasons, if your hairstylist has few contrasting things to say. Funky hairstyles can mean the cut of the hair to the color that is applied. Both have to be done in a very unique manner that is bound to give you a totally new personality. When it comes to straight hair, it does not always mean one has to cut their hair in geometrical and asymmetrical lines. To achieve a funky hairstyle, one can even experiment with the color. Here, you can experiment and add color along the edges of you hairstyle. A shocking pink can do the trick. Use a brush applicator for an easy way to add the color. This would give a highlight to the way the haircut is styled and also showcase the movement of the hair.For curly hair, you can go in for a complete rocker look. Curls are naturally wild and naughty and if you combine this with another hair texture, you can create a new look. This can even go for girls with straight hair. For this, you can brush the crown of your hair straight. Then, pin a series of curls around the straight hair. This would give you a saintly look-as if wreaths of curls have been nestled atop the straight crown of hair.When it comes to the color for this funky haircut, you can add some bold highlights that are styled to be formed into their own curls. You can play around with two colors that can help to spice up this hairdo.This is yet another option for curly hair-have a tiny parting on one side at the front of your hairline. This would allow a thick mass of curls to fall across your head. Next, you need to pull back some strands from one side. You can even use a curling iron to add to the tightness of the curls.Mohawks are also increasingly popular. This would require the help of a professional. This trendy and funky haircut can certainly take you places. You would require a very good hair gel that would keep your hair straight at all times.When straight hair is combined with curly hair, the look would obviously be wild and wacky. Use this combination to brighten up a dull day. Get a wild and untamed look by straightening or adding straight hair extensions to the curls. Brush out the curls and make them frizzy. Curly hair can be brushed till it gives the wired look. This style would work wonders for short hair.Guys can also use Mohawks to their advantage. Shave both sides of the head and leave a strip of hair in the center that can be shaped to look like the spikes on a dragons back. Make sure the points are sharp and stand wUpdo hairstyles give an elegant look. There are various popular hair updos 2010 for women. Some updos can be created within minutes, while for some updo hairstyles you need to spend 10 minutes to half an hour for styling the hair. There are many quick updos like messy buns, or updos with head bands or hair sticks which can be created within minutes. However, if you are looking for some romantic looking hair updos for weddings or for proms, then you will need some patience and time to create these styles. Also, for updo hairstyles for parties can be best created on hair, which are a bit greasy, which means you should wash your hair a day before the party. If you are looking for a particular updo, then here is an index that will help you find ideas for a particular type of updo hairstyle.Updos are great hairstyles when you are stuck with unmanageable hair, or don’t want to go to a party with a formal hairdo rather than just your short hair. All you need to do is carry basic hair grooming materials, and remember the steps mentioned below for the easy updos for short hair, and you are good to go, whether it is to attend a formal party or just to make your frizzy hair look better by tying it in an updo hairstyle.First things first, so, what is a low bun hairstyle and how do you get one? Well, for the uninitiated, a low bun hairstyle is nothing but a hairstyle which involves coiling your hair at the nape of your neck. It could be a loose bun or a tight bun, depending on what you wish and, of course, the occasion! So, now that you know what it is, let’s learn how to do a low bun hairstyle. It is essentially a long hairstyle or a medium hairstyle, so you’ll need at least shoulder length hair for it. But you can always use hair supplements to increase the length of your hair and have an elegant updo!No matter how well you deck up for your prom night, the entire look can never be complete without a sassy hairdo! Imagine wearing the best creation with a very frumpy hairdo! Hair updos are the latest on the circuit and most young girls love wearing hair updos since it gives them the red carpet look in true style! Hair updos for proms can be very stylish affair and this can totally make or break your outfit. To have the right kind of hair updos for proms, you need few good ideas along with the right stylist! Of course, with a few tips, you can try a few of these at home itself! Here are a few easy and stylish tips for hair updos for prom nights, which can cause quite a few envious glances your way!To begin with, wash your hair and smoothen them into a low ponytail. You may need to use some hair spray to give a refined appearance. Then, lift the ends of the hair and twist the same to the position you would prefer so that it forms a thick roll. Bend this roll and ensure you nudge the ends back under the hair roll. Use some hairpins to secure the hair updo. There are various ways you can use to jazz up this hairstyle. You can leave some casual hair strands around to frame the face. Try different angles of the twist for a better look. Use some cool hair accessories to add more pizzazz to the entire ensemble. Prom Hair Updo-Style Tip #3This hair updo for the prom night is kind of messy yet sexy at the same time.As always, shampoo and condition your hair. Use a cold-water rinse at the end of your shampoo session. Use a towel to blot the hair and apply some detangler to it as well. With the help of a blow dryer, dry your hair but while doing so, use a paddle brush for the same. Use your fingers to gently sweep the hair off the face. Now, create a parting on one side. Then sweep the hair over to one side for a fuller look. Tie a loose ponytail. Use a simple elastic to tie the same. Push this towards the upper side. Then, create around 1-inch section of hair. Use a 1-inch curling iron and create curls of these sections. Use a hairpin to secure the curl to the scalp. Use some hairspray so that it holds securely. Continue the same procedure and have a kind of a bun towards the back of your head. Once you finish the entire bun, use your fingers to loosen some strands of hair for the messy look! Add some hair shimmer on the side for the ultimate glam look!If you have long hair, you’re probably accustomed to braiding it. Braiding hair is an excellent way of keeping long hair in order as well as making it look eye-catching and pretty. Braided hairstyles can be worn at home as well as at work and at formal social functions.To get started with braiding hair, you will need a wide-tooth comb, a fine-tooth comb, a rat-tail comb, a barrette, ribbons, a water-spray bottle, and hair-gel. The last two items can be used only if required to make hair more manageable for braiding and to keep hair strands from escaping from the braid.Comb hair with the wide-tooth comb first and remove all existing tangles. Then, depending on which kind of braid style you want, part hair into two, three, or more sections. Comb each section well to ensure that each is smooth and tangle-free. Now comb with the fine-tooth comb to get rid of any remaining knots. Once the hair has been well-combed, you can start braiding it. Braiding is done by dividing the hair into sections and crossing these sections over or under one another in alternating patterns or by twisting and crossing sections in alternating patterns. You can use ribbons or beads to enhance the braided look.Hair braiding styles:There are various ways in which you can braid hair, and there are different hair braiding styles like the English braid, the Fishtail braid, the French braid, the Dutch braid and the Corn Row.

The English Braid – For this style, divide hair into thre sections and fine-comb each. Take the right-hand section, cross it over the middle section, and pull tight. The right-hand section now becomes the middle section. Now take the left-hand section, cross it over the new middle section, and again pull tight. Continue in this manner, alternating each section, right to the bottom. Tie the end with a ribbon or a hair-holder. Don’t use rubber bands as these tend to pull hair out.The Fishtail Braid – Part the hair in the front into two equal sections and comb each smooth. Take the right hair section and cross it over the left-hand section and pull tight. Use the rat tail comb’s pointed end to pick a right-hand side hair section under the first plait in a straight line from the hairline to the middle section. Lift and cross this hair section over the left and tighten the plait. Now, with the rat tail comb, do the same thing with the left-hand side hair section. Continue the process until you’ve braided the hair up to the nape. Now you can leave the remaining hair free, tie it in a pony-tail, or plait it into an English Braid.The French Braid – Divide hair into three even sections and comb each section smooth. Take the hair on the right and cross it over the middle section. This hair then becomes the new middle section. Pull tight. Now take the hair on the left and cross that over the middle section and tighten plait. Using the pointed end of a rat tail comb, pick a right-hand side hair section under the first plait in a straight line from the hairline to the middle section and add to the existing right-hand section. Now cross this over the middle section and pull tight. Do the same thing with the left-hand side section. Continue the process up to the nape hairline and continue on with an English Braid or a ponytail.The Dutch Braid – The Dutch Braid is done in much the same way as the French Braid, except here instead of crossing hair sections over one another, they are crossed under one another.The Corn Row – Comb hair to remove all tangles and dampen it a bit. Part a small section of hair to make the cornrow. Divide this small section into three sections and braid them in the fashion of an English Braid. Make about 2 or 3 plaits, tighten the braid, hold the outer two strands aside, fuse a new section of hair with the middle strand, plait again, pull tight, and add a new strand of hair to the middle section again. Continue until you reach the end.