‘Pumpkin-Beacon-Furnace Arcanery..’

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Glimmar’s Steampunk Update v10 Taster Vid 1, showcasing ‘Glimmar’s Steampunk’ v10 texture pack for Minecraft v1.4.7, available now! Here’s the link to my Minecraft Forums thread and my current Glimmar’s Steampunk texture pack: www.minecraftforum.net Best viewed at 1080p. My apologies…



  1. The natural pumpkin is a drop in alternative found in the pack, for those who prefer to properly grow them in the ground, so I cheat a little in the vid. :)

    You do have to choose between one or the other, but can still wear the unlit pumpkin as a diving helm. It shows up in the survival inventory as a helm, so the pumpkinblur.png gui still makes sense as a helmet.

    The lantern/helm, which is my preferred choice, because it’s a more multipurpose version, is still the standard in the pack. :)

  2. Glimmar, how does one have a regular pumpkin texture, then a scuba helmet? IM INTRANCED!

  3. …as panels and decorative blocks.

    From MC 1.5 onwards it will be a lot easier for everyone to drop in alternative textures to suit how they want things to look, as each terrain block will be an individual file you can just drop into the textures folder in the pack. If I have the time, I may be able to make more alternatives. The problem is that ctm features I’ve introduced may make that more organizationally difficult to do. :(

    Many thanks for the compliments and encouragement. :)

  4. Reason for the smooth stone is that I was actually intending it to be a cross between both concrete and a pale granite. It fits my view of a dark Steampunk world. Also I make things primarily for creative building purposes, so I would agree its probably not the best for survival. (which is crazy when you think how much time I spend on guis and mobs! :D ). The birch planks was another attempt to make something different from normal planks that through ctm could be used more creatively…[cont]

  5. Wow! Glimmar, you have outdone yourself once again! I’ve been a very long-time fan of your texture pack (in fact, I think it was the 1st texture pack I ever downloaded for Minecraft), and I’m so glad to see it getting better & better.

    If I may offer two bits of critique though, I’ve never been very fond of how your smooth stone looks more like poured concrete. In a survival world, it looks very unnatural & strange. Also, I wish you could do something more wood-y with Birch planks.

  6. In historical terms it wasn’t until quite recently that church bells and many town hall bells didn’t ring right through the night, by law sometimes! It’s not too long ago that the sound of bells ringing was the only way for most people to measure the passing of time through the day and the night. In respect of the theme of this pack, ‘Victorian Steampunk’ it would be perfectly appropriate for church or civic bells to ring through the night on the quarter hour.

    Very glad you like the pack. :)

  7. That’s because this is a ‘taster’ video of things to come in my next v10 update, which is the version that will be compatible with MC 1.4.7. The current download for Glimmar’s Steampunk isn’t yet updated to MC 1.4.7 and so does not contain the texture for the firework or the particles for the firework sparks, but it will be soon, and that’s what this (and the next 2 videos) is giving you a taste of. :)

  8. Why would they ring the bells at night when people are trying to sleep? As always though, very impressive work with your texture pack and I hope you continue the good work.

  9. My firework is invisible

  10. When I look at the amazing things others do in Minecraft, I echo your words and can equally apply what you say to myself. I always come away feeling intimidated and inspired to try and do better. It’s the ‘curse’ or ‘blessing’ of everyone who thinks of themselves as a creative artist.

  11. In my opinion, I’m not a horrible artist. Every time I see your pack, I feel a bit intimidated. In a way, that’s a good thing because it motivates me to do better :)

  12. This texture pack is coming along great.