Professor Upsidasium’s (Dragon Con 2009) Visuagraphic Audiotronic Steam Punk Archive Part Two

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 4 comments

Part two of three: Small interviews with Steam punk driven Con goers in Atlanta for Dragon*Con 2009. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who let me wander up with a camera and ask, “Can I ask about your costume?” I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to get more people and record under better conditions.

This is another animation I worked up and turned into a steam punk screen saver. It is available to download for free through If you wish to use this animation (in whole or in part) in a video you intend to post on YouTube, contact me beforehand.



  1. Cool

  2. Trully “drunken airship pirots”… :-) !!!

  3. The “Bar Pack” IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I want to make one as of now!

  4. Those are some really cool steampunk costumes. Very nice. Saw a few toy soldiers in there too. Awesome.