Post Steampunk (Teslapunk) Antique Toilet of the Future

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 14 comments

Introducing the Electro-Flush! Technically, TeslaPunk Urinal. Hand-made solid oak tank with battery powered flush pump, laser aiming assist (aim at the laser dot in the bowl at night), lights, antique gauges, flush capacitor, and cup holder. Bowl is a round 1949 Standard. Featured at
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  1. so how the heck does it flush? and doesnt the flush rinse? so confused am i lol

  2. @CartoonKid28
    Obviously you know how to work the internet. I would read the definition on wikipedia, look at the “steampunk” videos on youtube, then form your own opinion. It’s a very specific thing, or it’s a starting point for a variety of anachronistic cool stuff.

  3. haha epic!`!!!!!!!!!

  4. MADNESS, sir.  A madness approaching GENIUS. /hats off to you. ^_^

  5. It may not be steam punk, but it sure is AWESOME! <3

  6. I’m in love… with THIS toilet. No other potty will do. ;^;

  7. Think I saw one of those on Warehouse 13 lol

  8. I want it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @penguinx32
    I’m working on a condom with a built in laser.

  10. Water, urine, and electricity, I like it!
    I want one so I can add a switch, a couple extra wires, place a hidden video camera in the bathroom and have fun with my guests, hahaha!

  11. I’m glad your professional opinion is amazement. The laser places a point in the bowl to aim at, at night when it’s dark. Just a urinal really. Water provides a rinse, not a flush.

  12. what those lasers are doing?
    im plumber and im amazed!

    plz reply…

  13. let us send our turds to ze future!!!

  14. The laser aspect should be a part of every toilet, IMO.