Pink and Black Fancy French Manicure

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Videos | 24 comments

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  1. Sexy French! Love it!

  2. That looks gorgeous!! Love it!

  3. ..are you letting the glue completely dry before putting foil on? Do do let it dry before putting pigments on too?

  4. Robin I love your designs…If you are ever in MA please let me know :)

  5. This is fabulous. You are an amazing artist.

  6. Guess what I just got in the mail, my foil and the best glue ever… ROBIN you should open a nail school… ah, such an inspiration and a great instructor!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  7. wow you are awesome!!! love your designs

  8. ooh! just catching up with your videos! never knew you could remove the brown on the back of the foils for easier application! thanks for all your tips!

  9. My fave colour combo. Pink, silver, black. Love it!!! So pretty. X

  10. I just made my purchase of foils, cant wait to try it out and show you!! Thanks for being so awesome!

  11. your new camera it amazing ^^ n thank you for you awesome idea and i just got opi pink nails polish lolz

  12. I wasnt sure if i liked the new camera until the end when the final design was shown and it looks really nice. You can see way more detail.

    So what is the brown stuff you took off the back of the foil? Do you do that every time you use foil?

  13. Theese are so beautiful and cool at the same time! Love it! <3 I will try them on sometime :)

  14. The quality makes your work look more amazing! Please keep this quality!

  15. quality of video much better…….love your thumbnail palette!!!! thanks for doing videos

  16. thank you so much! I am loving the camera!!!!

  17. heheheheheeh i know right! that camera is hard to work, but man, its so much starting to sound relaxed again..its so hard to juggle everything but wow..what a difference!!!!

  18. haha! thank you so much cindy!!!! :) *huge hug*

  19. thank you so much!

  20. aww..thank you so so much!

  21. nice!!! i am so glad you can tell the difference. i try and mix it up and go back and forth..i cannot wait to show my art……please please keep in touch and an eye out for when i do, as an arrt master, i would love your objective and anonymous opinion on my canvas work..all of this is to show my art in galleries someday….i would love your input :) *huge hug* my love to you and spred the word to other artists!!!!!

  22. anita, show me if you take pictures and spread the word girl, thank yo uso so much for your support!!! *huge hug*

  23. oooo, i will try and see it! i <3 xristina so so much…i am happy you are watching and doing art, that makes me so so happy…my love to you!!!

  24. omgosh, it is such a difference..the other one is soooo old and covered in nail polish with scratches all over it..its so nice to have a nice camera! hahahahhahahaha i am so happy you notice the difference! it takes like 4x longer to upload though! omg…i dont have enough time!!!