Photoshop digital art by Jamie Carroll – Steampunk “The Summit”

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This photo illustration was created for an iStock Steel-cage (Photoshop) battle I am doing. I used stock photography and digital effects. Check out my YouTube channel if you want to see more videos like this.
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Steampunk Telescope

I thought you might like a look at my son’s Steampunk style telescope. We purchased a cheap telescope at a local Goodwill store and then he modified it using some things we had around the house. The idea was to give it a Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, type of appearance. I hope you find it interesting…thanks for watching! Steampunk art movement Jules Verne 20000 leagues under sea steam powered era golden gilded age brass copper homemade handcrafted prop telescope project RamblinAround rambling vlog hd partner



  1. Yes - I have a BFA and studied graphic design and printmaking. I have learned a lot on the job though.

  2. cool have u gone to college for graphic design and such?i plan to

  3. :) Glad you like, thanks for the comments. I will have 2 more videos coming soon.

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  5. nice project. Looks amazing.

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  7. I think it’s really cool looking and it’s cool that your son does craft projects thanks for putting it on YouTube

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  9. Some nice touches especially the brass tacks. 

  10. You should search Steampunk on google….there is some pretty interesting stuff out there. Thanks for watching!

  11. Thanks my friend…Jordan will definitely appreciate the comment.

  12. I love that wacky and wild stuff!! especially when ya take something ordinary and give it new life and make it extraordinary!! Another fine work of art by Jordan!!☺

  13. Never heard that word before “Steampunk” :)

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  15. Looks cool good job.

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  17. I’ve been kicking around that guitar idea for a while. I’m sure I’ll build one eventually.

  18. Cool project guys. I can see a steam punk cigar box guitar in the future.

  19. I’d never heard of steampunk until now. I like it. Pretty dang neat.

  20. Thanks for watching, we appreciate it!

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  22. Thanks, I’ll definitely go check out that site.

  23. Thanks, he really does come up with some interesting projects. Thanks for watching!

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