“Pendulum” Steampunk Stirling Hot Air Engine

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“Pendulum” Steampunk Stirling Hot Air Engine

hot air engine (hybridmotor) Engine no 12, ‘Pendulum’ This is a hybrid engine using the principles of Bevor Horace Rainbow 1978. This engine also works with a balance spring to oscillate the displacer, but a pendulum is used instead of a flywheel. It was rather difficult to get the stroke of the power piston under control because the engine is more sensitive to the temperature of the tea-warmer. This has nothing to do with not using a flywheel. Even so I managed to balance the engine so that the stroke of the power piston remains between 30 and 45 mm and this makes it possible for the engine to run for the whole day at 60 — 90 strokes per minute.

www.airshipisabella.com This was a leather working panel i saw at san japan, an anime convention in san antonio, texas. it was done by the Airship Isabella, and recorded by Necro Kittie of the Airship Hope.
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  1. You could power a clock with it, a stirling clock.
    Time lightned by a candle…

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  3. Not really. This one sounds very much like accordian music.

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  7. That machine has rhythm.

  8. you could get that thing to be an automatic bass drummer XD

  9. lol funny music

  10. I love the way it dances.

  11. What a nice motor and I have an overwhelming desire to yell yeeee haaaaa

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