“Pendulum Clock” Steampunk Stirling Engine

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Videos | 7 comments

Pendulum Clock Low Temperature Difference Stirling engine
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  1. ok..why do i watching clocks? lol

  2. thats AWESOME

  3. No. The clock movement gets it recovery energy from the Striling engine, so as long as the light is heating the air in the device, it will keep ticking. This is a great idea, because Stirling engines based in Low Temperature Difference, have almost no power, however, clocks require VERY LITTLE power, so this is a great marriage! Awesome!

  4. eventually it has to stop right?

  5. it’s cool he put an striling engine in a clock i love clocks and steam/striling engines

  6. so this thing actualy keeps a constant flow of time, aswell as looking friken awesome!?!

  7. You need good milling skills or a CNC bench to make the parts. That is probably the main obstacle in making one of these.