” Peacock ” Steampunk Hot Air Engine no 22

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” Peacock ” Steampunk Hot Air Engine no 22

Engine no 22, Peacock Here I returned to making a big Ringbom Stirling engine again. The large and heavy flywheel has a diameter of 300 mm. I tried to make an elegant looking model by making this engine like a skeleton. The challenge was to run this large and heavy flywheel on a tea-warmer, just like a Ringbom engine. The engine is designed with a large displacer piston. In combination with the balance spring and a small auxiliary graphite piston this is sufficient to run the engine. Because the lifting power is a bit more than the weight of the displacer this engine produces the real Ringbom sound when the displacer hits its final stops. With reference to this it has nearly become a steam engine. Most certainly this engine must also be considered kinetic art. From this assembly the flywheel with its beautiful curved spokes and the bearing housing catch the eye. This model is called Peacock. With a little imagination it looks like a proud peacock when viewed from the front.
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  2. Love the music… bit ‘Dresdon Dolls’ esque :)

  3. Lovely design & first class engineering.