OOAK Handcrafted Steampunk Jules Verne Rocket Model

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This piece is a Jules Verne/steam-punk inspired moon rocket ship labeled “Verne’s Moon Vehicle II”. This is my vision of what a fantasy Victorian rocket ship would look like: wooden frame with massive bands of riveted metal binding the sections of the fuselage together; weathered rusted steel door, with three brass riveted portal windows at the top of the ships cone adorned with copper stamped overlay providing a decorative accent. The very top of the cone is a solid brass embellishment depicting a pivoting apparatus which maneuvers the massive spiral probing tool which would be necessary for moon exploration. The lower section of the fuselage is where the steam dynamo engine would be housed with a oversized giant flared exhaust port. Beyond the exhaust the model depicts a testing of the steam dynamo engine bellowing massive amounts of white hot steam plumes while being anchored to the base with large chain links. The base of the model is solid aged wood, finished with a honey pine stain/varnish on the bottom are corner scuff pads, in the center is a wooden post mounted to the base. The rocket is attached to the wooden post with Velcro making it possible to remove the rocket from the base if desired. Also on the wooden base are some embellishments, which include the brass name plate, 4 corner ox copper stampings, various gear embellishments and a brass goddess angel stamping. The measurements for the model are: 18″ rocket tip to exhaust bottom 24″ rocket tip to the bottom



  1. Was doing alternative history

  2. “In a very real sense, it will not be the three gentlemen going to the moon it will be the entire nation, anywhere to Georgia to the shores of California. For all of us must labor to put them there” – A. Lincoln, May 27 1866

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. outstanding work! I wish I had your skill and patience.