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Here is the latest trailer for WARMACHINE, the videogame currently in pre-development by WhiteMoon Dreams. WARMACHINE is an action-based, steam-powered, adventure game with both single and multi-player experiences. Play your way through one of four factions as you battle each other for Honor, Nation, Faith and Power. For more information, go to
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  1. This game looks like warhammer but more mechanicum lawl

  2. It’s being self-published so a fair while. They should take it to Kickstarter or something.

  3. This game will never see the light of day…sad.

  4. Dynasty warriors with too much focus on Cygnar.

  5. Giant robots and plenty of WUB WUB WUB!!! what else could u ask for from a game??

  6. Damn straight…Mercs all the way!!!

  7. Play a Menoth and light some people on FIRE!!!!

  8. And when this will be launched?

  9. And menoth i dont want to shoot things i want to smash them with my giant mace!

  10. KREOSS!!!!!!!!!

  11. same

  12. i better be able to play as the cryx

  13. Screw Khador – I wanna play a Cryx!!!

  14. battle boxes…. I saw so many battle boxes…. F**** YEA RIPJAWS!!!

  15. I want to play as magnus. Mercs better be in it.

  16. as a khador guy this worries me. there is only cygnar gameplay.
    what about retribution of scyrah and mercs?

  17. if i recall correctly it was in development before the faction came out, but who knows, its going to be 2013 in 3 months, and there hasnt been a word so anything is possible >:)

  18. What about Retribution of Scyrah?

  19. I know right? Speaking of which, where are the Mercenaries? No fantasy game is complete without elves and dwarves.

  20. Did anyone else just sit there with a cheesy grin while watching this? :) cant wait!

  21. once per battle abilites or a cool down I guess

  22. Thats a really odd way of spelling “This looks awesome”…

  23. naturally retribution is skipped…bastards

  24. Khador reminds me of Russia with all of there clothes and weapons. heck even there lore mentions that they are from the Icy north