NY Ink- Ami’s Shop Tour

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NY Ink- Ami's Shop Tour

NY Ink Premieres June 2nd @ 10/9c on TLC! | For more, visit tlc.howstuffworks.com | Ami takes us on a behind-the-ink tour of The Wooster Street Social Club, where we get a glimpse of his new digs and his new crew.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Beautiful Time lapse painting of dripping paint by Andrew Linskens

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Video Rating: 4 / 5




  2. That escalated quickly…

  3. Awwww Billy !!!!!!!!!!!!♥

  4. I fuc*ing hate Chris!

  5. Wow, that computer is amazing !

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  7. Ami, can I take a tour of you please?

  8. wooster st lol

  9. Lol he said
    What the fuck did i say!! no cussing!
    Omg lmfao

  10. “Pleas no cussing right now!”… “What the fuck did I just say?!” Lmao

  11. I think the fact that they have such an expensive, suave interior and weird, un-essential design elements makes Ami’s whinning about breaking even and having to feed not only his family but the other artists’ families very fake and dramatized. Also they’re on fucking TV, how can they say they’re worried about not making enough fucking money?

  12. hello I’m Italian, and only recently via satellite is transmitting miami ink, but the program goes back a long time ago, now knows some of the current life of amy??? thank you very much

  13. it costs alot man but check there sight or wichever artist you wants facebook page thay post links for booking and shit i know tommys got booking email or sumit for him posted on his wall

  14. Megan is smoking hot!!!

  15. @jelena2112 As far as I know, only the one little girl with ex-wife #5. They got divorced in 2009 and he’s already remarried. *smh* That man needs to see a shrink.

  16. @jelena2112 Apparently, he’s married again since his last divorce. He’s on wife #6 now. He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes, that’s for sure.

  17. Wtf Ami Likes Polka Music ?!????

  18. I already did. And I didnt like it really. Because for 1 I Dont have hair extensions, 2 some of the stuff she did to her hair was damaging, and three, in the end of that really long video it looked like a big mess. lol Looked nothing liked Megan massacres. Only thing was the lil swoop of hair on the side and thats it.

  19. Just look up ‘Megan Massace Inspired Hair Tutorial (Watch At Your Own Risk)’

  20. …um ok who?