Not Just Only About Clothing – Steampunk Has Much More to Give

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Steampunk is a fusion of science, history and fantasy, a subgenre inspire from Victorian era of Britain and Wild West of USA, somewhat a mixture of fantasy, science fiction and advance technological aspect of 19th century. For me steampunk is Victorian era lifestyle with romantic gothic touch and 19th century technological fantasy. K. W. coined the term steampunk in his novel infernal devices. Steampunk is combination of two words steam and punk. Steam, a power engine defines technological and mechanical power while punk is to indicate rebellious nature of people, to show rage or rebel in them. Rebellious way of living of the subgenre can be identified through clothing and accessories they use.

In starting people took steampunk as interpretation of Victorian science fiction and romance. A way of showing love for classic past and fictional science but gradually this term became hobby and part of lifestyle for the people.

People started consuming everything that has some Victorian element for instance fashion, music, socializing gadgets and etiquette. But the steampunk movement was stated by people who had common interest in science fiction. Novels of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne are synonyms of this movement. War of the worlds, Time machine, the league of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Frankenstein are some of the bestselling novels base on punk genre. We are leaving in industrially revolutionized world and steampunk shows optimistic views for the same like “science will save us”.

Literature was only available tool to bind people of common interest in punk sub- genre initially but on later periods with introduction of internet, steampunk change into a lifestyle.

Almost all Victorian costumes and accessories with innovative modification are available on internet for selling. Websites like and have all steampunk costume gems. is the best place to search for punk clothing. Steampunk corsets like captain of the skies, The Whitfield, lady of manor are some of the outfits inspired from Victorian era clothing and a must have outfit for completing the whole attire . The preferred look is Victorian with a touch of brown of gothic era. Most of steampunk costumes are designed in deep dark, jet color or brown color. It means color of clothing is inclined towards sandy trans, neutral and leather browns.

There is no need follow trend of wearing a particular set of outfit for making a complete punk Victorian costume because steampunk in itself is encouraging, accepts mixing and matching. It means you can combine the totally different steampunk dresses to make whole attire. Another thing you can do is to use your own creativity. Since the origin steampunk has forced creative and innovative ideas in people and if you are a hardcore punk and already have an old punk costume you will definitively use your skill to transform the costume to give completely new look to attire. Are you about to buy a new set of steampunk clothing? If so, aside from look, give importance to quality of fabric.

Steampunk is not only related to steampunk clothing and steampunk dresses and some fictional technology of history, it has philosophical angle as well which is the combination of Victorian futuristic view, spunk, aptitude and makers creative ideas.