NewSwanCastle part01 – Minecraft

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NewSwanCastle part01 – Minecraft

This is part one my Minecraft rendition of Neuschwanstein castle near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. Please note my use of Glimmar’s Steampunk texture pack which just happens to be the absolute best texture pack for Minecraft. AND, the super schweet steampunk music graciously provided by Vernian Process,
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  1. How long did this take to build?

  2. Wohoo, Vernian Process!
    Castle is really HUGE! Good job in building it. I just have little zeppelin :(

  3. oh hahaha i thought something like that might have been the case when i saw ur username

  4. ahhh und ich auch =]

  5. Nein ich bin American high schooler aber ich lerne Deutsch in der schule und gehe in Deutschland oft

  6. sind Sie Deutsch oder sowas?

  7. hahaha yea muffins are good

  8. I’m aware that Germany was only a rabble of kingdoms during the time…. but i like muffins

  9. yes yes the Prussians took over Bayern and Ludwig II became a vassal.

  10. well the knight you’re talking about was originally from an old medieval French tale and was not depicted to be of German until much later. and the knight couldn’t have been “of Germany” anyway since the first united German state didn’t exist until 1871 with the German Empire and construction on the castle started in 1869 so it would have been the Kingdom of Bavaria

  11. Ludwig II built this castle to commemorate the new swan knight of Germany… are you aware of that?

  12. the texture pack is Glimmar’s Steampunk

  13. love the video you got yourself a new subscriber

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  15. Brilliant

  16. yes it technically does translate to that if you break it up but since it is a proper noun it’s not supposed to be translated…that’s the way it’s supposed to be in any language

  17. i know this is a bit late but it does translate to new swan. if there were to be any translation, that’s what it would be. neu= new. schwan= swan.

  18. oh hahaha u do make a good point

  19. LOL, yes I know, but Neuschwan sounded similar so I went with New Swan…and it is fitting since there are many swan paintings in the real castle…but thanks for pointing this out.

  20. you do realize that “Neuschwantein” doesn’t translate to “New Swan” right? There really isn’t a translation…it’s a proper noun. It’s the name of the castle and the surrounding region…

  21. The texture pack in this video is Glimmar’s Steampunk texture pack. It is a bit old now and the newer version is even better! Simply go to the Minecraft forums and the Texture Pack thread and look for Glimmar…one of the more popular ones and is usually close to the top.