New Babbage – A Steampunk City in Second Life

Posted by on Jun 24, 2012 in Videos | 14 comments

New Babbage is a steampunk themed City in Second life bringing together the combined interests of Steampunks from around the world to a place they can roleplay and be creative. http Music is by Philip Glass: Symphony No. 4 “Heroes”, The Light available on itunes
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  1. lol this made feel like a kid again, thank you, it looks amazing

  2. i just might sign up for SL because of this! this looks amazing!

  3. I`m a new arrival to this city, amazing place!

  4. Any advice on getting those great images. When I set my graphics level to high I can barely move through New Babbage and when I set my graphics to low hardly any of it appears unless I’m really close.

  5. I wish this was real life

  6. Philp Glass: What?

  7. Never played this game before, but this looks quite interesting. The steampunk style and all got me intrigued lately.

  8. 3:17 bioshock flashbacks.


  9. so does one have to have an adult account to go to new babbage because i’ve tried and failed

  10. What’s nice is that you can rez small airships and fly around over the town. The tunnel systems are pretty cool as well.

  11. Visit New Babbage. I want to live there!!!

  12. how to get there?

  13. This is just amazing! I cannot say more! Amazing! *_*

  14. wow i love the steampunk style of it i recently got a steampunk outfit for 50L it was awesome =3