New Art Bong Family of Steampunk – ish Water Pipes

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New Art Bong Family of Steampunk – ish Water Pipes

It’s likely one of those ‘Because B.C.’ things, but my fabrication super power seems to be that ability to make WTF Intensive Smoking Accessories and Consciousness Modifying Mechanisms.

Case in point, the Happy Bong Family, who have been strong-arming their way into existence on the bench with their waterpipe cousins over the past few months by simply refusing to become anything else. This is a marked departure from the usual causation pardigm of such things, that being a plaintive, post-midnight request from a guest in the Lounge. Whatever the case, I’ve been bong bodging for no practical purpose, and naming them via free word association within my peculiarly curated pop culture sideband.

It seemed like a good idea at the time…

They need homes, because Mrs. (Reginald) Popsy Tidswell-Sooke and I are non-smokers. They’re mostly glass and brass, and it’s lead-free fabrication across the board due to the miracle of taps and dies.

Check ‘em out: