Nail Tutorial – Steampunk

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

Here is a fun and funky design for all you Steampunk lovers! Hope you enjoy!! xxx ~ Dolly “Inspiration is all around us, you’ve but to open your eyes!” Be sure to check out my FAQ section on my channel page for commonly asked questions and answers you might have. For a complete list of products used in this video as well as the inspiration photo, please visit my blog. BLOG: FACEBOOK: FORMSPRING: NAIL SHOP: JEWELRY SHOP: NAIL ART GALLERY: THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! DON’T FORGET TO RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! DISCLAIMER: All products used in this video were purchased & are owned by me. I have earned no monetary compensation from the companies, nor did they influence my opinions in using any of these products. ” Undiscovered Oceans ” royalty-free music provided by Dan-O @



  1. My friend would love this! It’s so cute.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Genius

  4. Thank You!

  5. artistic

  6. Yep, Icing by Claire’s, their bottles are virtually identical to China Glaze

  7. really? omg it looks EXACTLY the same shape xD and ICING as in ICING by Claire’s ?

  8. Thank You! It’s actually not China Glaze, it’s from Icing and the colors is called Golden Touch

  9. This design is so Amazing!!!! But what’s the name of the china glaze basecoat you used? :)

  10. This reminds me of The Hunger Games haha.

  11. Thank You!

  12. Awesome nails! Loving the music, too :)

  13. Thanks so much hun!

  14. This design is simply wonderful, and it looks well planned and thought out. I hope I can work on doing something like this for my channel, great work sweetie! =)

  15. she’s at the end of the video now….but I miss her too, I may alternate between the two.

  16. Thanks!

  17. Hey, this design is so original. I love it.

  18. woooh love it!

  19. Don’t know why but it makes me think of tech stuff. Tech grrrls rejoice!

  20. omg i love these!!!!!!