My Three Favorite Steampunk Ensembles

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Article by Steve

My Three Favorite Steampunk Ensembles – Shopping – Clothing

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The main idea of steampunk clothing is to represent the futuristic view of Victorian era yet maintaining the underdeveloped sense of styling. A true steampunk can relates to the work of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. They were the famous novel writers of punk theme. For many punk style is extremely outrageous and objectionable but who cares, everyone has this and that opinion nevertheless my heart tingles for steampunk costumes.

For me being into punk attire is all about nourishing of ideas that Victorian people laid long ago. Victorian era was a period of tranquil, prosperity and self confidence among people for nation. Great scientific discoveries and inventions are synonyms to that period and apart from punk styled Victorian clothing achievement in the field of science act as base for punk lifestyle. Punk culture is always associated with rebellious behavior of people, I suppose they have misunderstood the whole concept of this newly established sub-genre because the era from which punk movement is inspired only praised for peace and progress. This sub-genre support the agitation against the social disparity in society, punks do not go louder without any means. Despite the repression steampunk sub-culture has grown into phenomenon bringing people together from diverse part of the world under one theme.

Every punk person has set of their favorite steampunk dresses and I am one of them. Actually I have three set of punk Victorian costumes.

Steampunk Harness Dress – This ensemble consist of leather harness, the duggin frilly skirt and McGreedy blouse. Faux leather harness has drawstrings in front and cross designs in back for support. Blouse is made of viscose rayon fabric and had elasticized neck with front opening ties. Elastic neck of blouse allows it to be a dropping shoulder blouse as well. Skirt is made of satin fabric with five layers of frills, giving it voluminous look. Do you know why I chose this dress, because it makes me look graceful and gorgeous?

Captain of the Skies – The dress which exactly tells my attitude. I love this dress, not too reveling yet uber stylish. It is a set of two pieces – captain of the skies over bust corset and a short skirt. My steampunk corset is made of suede fabric and has zipper and drawstring in front. Faux leather straps and black lining are for comfort fit. Short skirt of black linen fabric with metal embellishment on it goes very well with corset.

The Wickfield Dress – Again the set has three pieces the Wickfield blouse, Marquess underbust corset and satin pegged skirt. Alluring poly satin blouse is adorned by net fabric in cuffs. Cotton velvet underbust corset has black twill lining for comfort fit. Skirt has double layers and made of poly satin fabric in combination with small frills and pegged patterns. It has small hanging part at the back which adds elegance to attire. This dress can be worn with or without corset and has very appealing and fascinating approach.

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Unlike other conventional clothing, these above stated steampunk clothing literally project my true style. Don’t hid your love for punk subculture go and grab the ensemble of punk Victorian dresses.

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