My Steampunk Jewelry Creations #2

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My Steampunk Jewelry Creations #2

More of my Steampunk jewelry creations. These are available at and http Thanks for looking.
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Filmed this on the last day of ONI-CON. It was a very fun conention this time around becasue Monica went with me. :) Follow me on Twitter
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  1. Thanks so much.. I will.

  2. You are amazing! I subbed your channel hope you check out mine

  3. I think many Steampunk designs are very drab and monochromatic. I like more color in my creations so this is my interpretation of Steampunk. 

  4. I went as my Black Cat OC last year. This year will be my Bleach OC. C:

  5. I went today and I got to spar with a russian!!! It was awesome an it was my first time!!

  6. I’m going to Oni-con for the first time this October! I’m excited!

  7. ha i remember you i was the guy at the auction door sweet

  8. next time i hope yall have air trecks, then yall will be complete ^^

  9. I am glad yall had a great time and you Recorded Oni-con so we all can remember XD

  10. Oni-con, Sunday, day three for me. Slightly busy, nice flow…elevators were hell!!!
    It took me almost thirty minutes to make it down to the first floor in time to check out!

  11. i was part of the air gear group 2:59