Model Steam Engine full size / steampunk design

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Model Steam Engine full size / steampunk design

She said, just look at that little steampunk thing a ma jig,,, full size model steam engine built on a Sherline Lathe with a vertical milling column attachment,, (this lathe was sold by Sears, craftsman model #527.2142,, 3″ metal lathe), original freelance design, no blueprint needed, oil ‘er up, for low rpm use low air pressure and she off and running,,(runs much better on live steam), it’s a beam style,,, not a walking beam,, often referred to as a wobbler due to it’s oscillating cylinder, the counter balance on the crankshaft makes for a smooth running engine, subscribe, leave a comment, pass it on, Oh!, What?, the missing monkey has been found and returned to the nail he has called home for the past few years,, and all is well here on the east coast of Arkansas, shopdogsam



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  2. Sam, you da man! :]

  3. I am mesmerized by watching your handy dandy gadgets operate.How about a steampunk powered spinning wheel.No blueprint needed. Your monkey was just showing you. What goes up must come down.You are truly a renaissance man in your own mind.I am glad I am not the only one that has mined movies. From the south shore of the Missouri.

  4. Thanks Great videos

  5. lol I love this guy. “Over on the East coast…of Arkansas”

  6. great handmade engine sam! I like to sit here baked and watch your videos.

  7. H, Sam,you are very smart man.

  8. You are the man, Sam !!

  9. Hi Sam,your videos are great,but i like your youtube username best,it is almost as cool as your accent ;)  Keep up the good work m8

  10. A Museum Showpiece Sam……….John.

  11. Hey Sam,
    Nice engine, I look forward to many more. Bigger and badder!
    Catch you later.

  12. I really enjoy watching handbuilt things awesome

  13. I love to see the projects that you make. You seem to have the knack to make a work of art out of what people discard . great video,. Hugh

  14. ……gonna make a punch holder like that Sam!! Thanks for the video!

  15. good job sam i like that idea of the bowl for the condensation of the steam

  16. Sam it looks as awesome as it runs. Thanks for the video.

  17. Great job Sam! Thanks for sharing!