Mod Showcase: Steampunk Airship V2

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 13 comments

Mod Showcase: Steampunk Airship V2

Become a Minecraft pro with this guide – Link to the forum post about the mod: The installation instructions are in the forum post, so just follow those if you wish to know how to install it.
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  1. that is he best mod ever created!

  2. damm nice world, i’am jalous

  3. I hope this is compatible with aether mod that would be beast.

  4. Dude, you’re world is awesome looking! (Im a freak I know :P )

  5. baloon square… shadow it’s a circle!!! :O

  6. why the fuck i cant get my engine etc out of the crafting box?

  7. How the fuck can it make a circle shadow? ):

  8. now all you need to use Glimmar’s Steampunk Texturepack <_<

  9. What is up with your clouds? they are litterly blocky

  10. mod showcase i wonder why would u need mod in mod showcase?

  11. do you have to have the mod to do this?

  12. I like how the balloon is square but the shadow on the ground is circular.

  13. did anyone notice that his voice was deeper?