Mixed Media Steampunk Fairy

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Videos | 18 comments

Steampunk Fairy made from Styrofoam and Tyvek. Painting technique learned at Andy Skinner’s Timeworn Online Workshop http://www.andyskinnercrafts.com/online-…



  1. Thank you for writing such a nice comment!!(:o) Elly

  2. this is amazing i cant believe how beautiful it is. thanks for sharing

  3. You’re welcome (:o) Thanks for your appreciated and nice comment. (:o) xoxo Elly

  4. Love this, it’s soooo awesome!!! thanks for the link!! Linda

  5. You can by it at shops, where you get supplies for working with Powertex. That’s a fabric hardener. Thanks for your nice comment. I’m glad that i found you, too (:o)

  6. you are amazing!!!! where do you buy the dressform? Love it!!!

  7. Thanks so much and i really appreciate your comment as it’s coming from someone who knows how much technique this fairy comprised. (:o) Elly

  8. Andy does fab workshops and I love the way you’ve interpreted his techniques – this is right up my street! :)

  9. Thanks so much, Jan. Love to read your comments. Get well soon!! xoxo Elly

  10. Hi Elly, this is art in it’s true form, this has blown me away I am truly overwhelmed by your talent and skill,I love Andys’ work too but you nailed this one hun. Hugs from my hospital bed Jan x

  11. Thanks and yes, Andy is genius (:o) Elly

  12. Just gorgeous, love AS techniques, your project is fabulous TFS x

  13. Your comment makes my day (:o) Thanks so much. Elly

  14. Happy you like it. Thanks for watching (:o) Elly

  15. Thank you so much!! Andy is a great artist and you’ll be surprised about the possibilitys working with paint.xoxo Elly

  16. Holy freaking buckets!

  17. awesome

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! I loved seeing your creative process! This is simply an amazing work of art! I will have to check out Andy’s workshop…..thank you for sharing!