Mixed Media Art Canvas – Steampunk Dragonflies

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Mixed Media Art Canvas – Steampunk Dragonflies

A timelapse video showing the creation of a canvas using mixed media art materials including polymer clay, moulds by After midnight, Acrylics, & Steampunk Clock parts
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  1. Art is a process and we all work at different rates – I generally work slowly too – remember this is in timelapse. What a shame our art teacher gave you lower grades for working at a pace that suited you, I hope it hasn’t discouraged you!

  2. in art class I always received a lower grade for being so slow. You did this fairly quickly. soo soo pretty though. thanks

  3. looks wonderful…..thanks for sharing your techniques….it is very inspiring!

  4. Art that looks really hard is actually probably very easy…. Unless it’s like Kris Kuksi or somethin lol.

  5. I am completely blown away! This is one fine piece of art!

  6. Time flies….boom boom !

  7. Absolutely amazing!

  8. What an interesting and innovative use of materials! This is a beautiful project. You have captured my interest!

  9. So pretty! whta kind of paper did you stamp on?

  10. man gan nepatiik

  11. wow..beautiful

  12. Wow, that is amazing!

  13. wow!!! Beautiful!!! Do you have one in burnt sienna or browns-yellows?

  14. this was rally fun to watch as is the finished product to see! thanks for sharing =D

  15. thank you (:

  16. STUNNING! Thank you for sharing and showing us all the things you used.

  17. The dragonfly mould is by Krafty Lady – sold at amstamps

  18. Where do the dragonflies come from?

  19. Its a really nice piece, I’m curious though what is the name of the song in the back ground.

  20. I love what you did but it feels like you should have adde just the tiniest bit more othe metallic rust to really emphasize the steampunk

  21. Sometimes you lose elements as a piece develops, and they were never inteneded to be the focal point, just a starting point for some background interest.

  22. this is cool and all, but what was the point of putting the stamp clocks on under everything i mean you cant even see it?

  23. This is amazing! I would love to just do the canvas with the pain! Incredible :)