Minecraft Timelapse – Huge Floating Steampunk City

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www.FyreUK.com Over 11 hours this week we build a huge floating city inspired by the architectural style of Steampunk art, and we build it in Skylands! Built over four days this huge build has 4 islands all with different purposes, one is a huge cathedral station, another is a housing district, another is for commerce and finally another is for leisure. READ OUR FAQ: fyreuk.com Built with love – for you guys! Enjoy and remember to comment, rate and Subscibe! Dokucraft Texture pack: www.minecraftforum.net Intro Music by: NubbyCakums – www.newgrounds.com Music by Approaching Nirvana: www.youtube.com Song 1: The Heist Get the song on iTunes: bit.ly Song 2: Forced Entry Download/Buy: bit.ly All music has been used with the correct usage rights discussed on the Approaching Nirvana channel – info found in this video: www.youtube.com
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  1. Is this a multiplayer server? if so, what is the IP?

  2. Looking for an epic steampunk minecraft server? then come to Sky Eden! We have great friendly players and staff! We hope to see you on :)  IP:

  3. voxel sniper.

  4. ill go take a look

  5. PotatoOrgy’s got you covered.

  6. 11 hours built over 4 days.

  7. best I can make is crummy NPC villages, good job guys!

  8. Havent had sex since??

  9. Anyone else notice how the landscape is already prepared for them?

  10. This is what I live for!

  11. 11 hours read the discription

  12. woah how long without time lapse did it take u 5 days 6?

  13. make hogwarts!

  14. Holy Cheesus YES.

  15. *Vomits rainbow*


  17. must have been a windy day

  18. If only these guys made mpc villiages !

  19. You should do some sorta underwater city or something future city….