Minecraft -”The Cloudchaser” Steampunk Airship by Revolve

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Videos | 13 comments

SCHEMATIC: www.mediafire.com GIVE CREDIT IF USED Please, do subscribe if you like what you’re seeing, comment etc, favorite aswell! Tell me if you want a schematic. The song used is “R Kelly – I believe I can fly”, which I do not own the rights to.
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  1. Up load man its great

  2. Cool, But the sails are a little lame, add some more shape to them. other than that its Great!!!!

  3. This is AMAZNG you deserve way more views

  4. you say uhhhhhhh alot LOL the cloud chaser is FREAKIN AWESOME

  5. Paul didn’t make this ship on the server, it was Galdavant. It is a very cool ship, the spawn is on the ship i loove it :D

  6. Amazing. Just amazing. Does anyone know that paulsoaresjr used this design on his extremely popular (but whitelisted) server?

  7. TUTORIAL that is AWESOME! Nice job!

  8. that is EPIC

  9. craig

  10. are you friends with matthew

  11. wow i wont to make it

  12. i dont crash :3

  13. Not really. There are too many blocks for Zepplin mod and therefore Minecraft crashes, sometimes taking your computer with it.