Minecraft – Texture Packs Profile

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Minecraft – Texture Packs Profile

Toby from the Minecraft Weekly News sits down and runs through some of the texture packs out there. Whether you’re looking for a cartoon adventure, or a realistic build, there’s sure to be a texture pack that you’ll like. If not, then be sure to look on www.minecraftforums.net for more user-created texture packs that will blow your mind. Warning: Texture packs might not be updated to the latest version of Minecraft at the time of release. — LINKS: Thistle Pack – www.minecraftforum.net SteamPunk – www.minecraftforum.net Glimmar’s SteamPunk – www.minecraftforum.net JohnSmith’s – www.minecraftforum.net Loafcraft – www.minecraftforum.net Misa’s Realistic – www.minecraftforum.net Ravand’s Realism – www.minecraftforum.net LB PhotoRealism – www.minecraftforum.net
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  1. good narration and good choice of texture packs. Explained really well and good post

  2. good point

  3. the texture packs in the video are some of the best I’v ever played

  4. why dont we download all of it :)

  5. The SummerField texture pack is labeled as SteamPunk for some reason. The one right below Thistle.

  6. Summerfields????

  7. thank you dude

  8. summerfield txt pk ??

  9. where the hell is summerfeilds in the description

  10. summerfeilds is in the descrtpiton he cald it steampunk not glimmarsSteamPunk just SteamPunk :D

  11. a like and a subscribe

  12. thanks

  13. @Siam Khan Hav u patched Ur minecraft

  14. does any body know about how the grass has lava and water and fire in misa texture pack plz tell me how to fix it if u know

  15. Nice texture packs!!!

  16. wheres summerfields in the descripiton D: