minecraft – How to build a pirate ship – full guide

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www.eurogr.com How to make a pirate ship in Minecraft step 1 Find a suitable body of water to build your ship in, the bigger the water and bigger you can make your ship. step 2: Swim to the bottom and create a column up to the surface. This is needed to give us the ability to create our ship in the middle of the water. Step 3: build one strip of blocks 3 blocks under the water and 25 blocks across. Any wood based material in Minecraft is suitable however you could make a variety of different themed boats if you wished by trying different coloured blocks. Step 4: Destroy the original support column, we now have horizontal row of blocks floating in the water to build upon. Step 5: Start expanding the hull by building 3 rows across the original 1 row. Step 6: Expand the hull further by building a row of 5 blocks across the 3 we build in the previous step. This row should have broken the surface of the water. Step 7: Hollow out your hull into a “V” shape, the reason for filling in the hull originally is to force all the water out, make sure not to break the ends as this will flood your boat. Step 8: Build another layer on top that goes out by 1 block and up by 2. Step 9: Close off this bottom part of your boat by filling in the ends and adding a ceiling. It may seem bare at the moment but we will return to it later. Step 10: Start building the middle section of the ship by going 1 block outwards and 4 upwards. Step 11: Close off the middle section with a ceiling and then
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  1. still in work made out of 1300 blocks now

  2. need something well more complex..

  3. sorry not what i was looking fer … too square n blockish and kiddy

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  5. yeah its so gay without working cannons

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  11. Coolest Pirate ship ever

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  15. Eh, rather crappy Tbh. I had hoped you would’ve made more out of the Hull, rather than just Squared.

  16. kick ass

  17. lol yet you play minecraft.