Minecraft Creations – Episode 15

Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

Matt and Phil show you around the Steampunk build seen in one of their latest timelapse videos. Please comment, like and subscribe! MODS USED: GLSL Shader mod (wavy leaves on trees): www.minecraftforum.net Zombe’s fly mod (used to fly): www.minecraftforum.net Intro/Outro Music by: NubbyCakums – www.newgrounds.com Background Music is Minecraft by C418 go get it at: c418.bandcamp.com All music has been used with the correct usage rights/permissions set by the music owners. Dokucraft Texture pack: www.minecraftforum.net Minecraft is an indie game made by Notch find out more at: minecraft.net.



  1. Since when can rails be placed upside-down…?

  2. I love watching the old Fyre videos and seeing how much better you guys are now :3

  3. Well today I built a dirt house!

  4. i love this so much but i would have use more lighting or redstone lamps

  5. thats why i want the map download i would use zeplin mod as well

  6. imagine this steampunk city with the UGOCRAFT Mod

  7. Looking for an epic steampunk minecraft server? then come to Sky Eden! We have great friendly players and staff! We hope to see you on :) IP:

  8. how did you put the rails upside down

  9. Thats fair enough and all, i just think that their Shadow of Israphel series would really be amped up and FyreUK would start getting even more recognition than they already have.

  10. cause the voxel people build for the yogscast

  11. We make gaming videos

  12. No problem chap.

  13. Thank you kind sir.

  14. Voxel sniper

  15. how they place the rails on glass at 14:02?

  16. I want to download this where can I?

  17. i’m giving away my Minecraft premium accounts on MinecraftAcces(DOT)net Be quick before they;re gone. I dont play minecraft anymore.

  18. My jaw dropped at 06:26.

  19. i can build a minas tirith in 3 day

  20. thats nothing i build better things a huge house 3×3 blocks ^^

  21. I dont think that will happen, because they only take good building people who donate, or you have to win a building contest. :( I really want to as well.

  22. *puppy dog eyes* Download link… please?

  23. @Meartyrer It’s a mod called “more world types”

  24. @SirMonkeySuit Because yogscast think there better than all of the smaller YouTubers don’t get me wrong I like the yogscast but it’s true

  25. can i download it ?! pleaseeee