McCormick-Deering “baling wire engine” #4

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Had it not been for the baling wire, this old rusted, broken, greasy, oiley, stuck, parts missing, flywheel engine could have been headed to the scrap yard,,,, I guess you could say this engine was saved by baling wire,,,,, piston stuck tight in the cylinder, rust,, and more rust,, yes we are going to disassemble ‘er down to the bare block and put ‘er back together,,,,,,,, Oh!, you have heard that before, now let’s get on with the show,, 1927 McCormick-Deering (IHC), made by International Harvester Co., throttle governored gas engine (this is not a hit and miss engine), to be rebuilt back to it’s running baling wire days,,, just look at that rust, no paint, no decals, just a good running engine,,,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, the story goes on this has been #4, to be continued,,,
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Chopsticks, milk, root beer syrup, pizza crust, el-cheapo fried apples, cream cheese, the worlds best,,, most beautiful fried apple pizza pie, no need to get a pencil, just the hippie cooking (baking) up a fried apple pizza pie,, with cream cheese,, Oh!, this is gonna be good,,,, get back dog!, get back!,, now preheat the oven, about 375 – 400 degrees, bake untill done,about 12 to 16 minutes, the recipe?, one store bought pizza crust in a pop open tube, 1 handfull of sliced maraschino cherries,, 1 can fried apples with cinnamon, 1 jar peanut butter, one bottle A&W root beer float dessert topping, cream cheese icing – - use to taste,,, enjoy, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, good on a cold rainy day, holidays, birthday party, sleepover, super bowl game treats, this is gonna be good,, them fried apples,, it was a blessing to get ‘em,,,, enjoy, shopdogsam



  1. Best stuff I’ve used for corroded parts is Aero-Kroil. Wish I could send ya some. Does USPS or UPS allow it?

  2. I think PB BLASTER shou ld send you a Complimentary case of their product Get-R-Done !!!

  3. ShopDog must be a Bulldog………… quitting allowed.
    Why does the flywheel have a hollowed out section on the inside. Is that for adding balancing weights?

  4. You’re gonna give ME a heart attack– watching you wrestle that flywheel

  5. The thing with watching a video with PB Blaster in it… it’s like smell-o-vision. I can almost smell it when I see it spray, lol. Makes me feel like I’m there.
    Love the old engines and machinery from the early 1900′s, nothing like ‘em. You won’t see anyone rebuilding anything from 2012 in a 80 or 90 years…

  6. Liquid wrench works good too.

  7. Love hearing all those trains, Sam.

  8. schuuuprint

  9. PB is the greatest stuff made for rusty parts

  10. That’s PB blaster. Extremely good stuff. I’ve used it on huge 1 ton flywheels and it gets the job done.

  11. I need to get me one of these!

  12. What’s the spray you’re using? Ever use WD40?

  13. Ummm

  14. Did duck tape girl like this pizza?

  15. I typed like that because he keeps saying “This gonna be good”

  16. Was that a sentence? Are you a moron?

  17. Cuz’ that was gon b gud

  18. never seen that root beer topping in northern california…totally hippy stoner…love how you improvise with what you have on had to creative tasty stuff

  19. Couldn’t find canned fried apples but made this with apple pie filling. The peanut butter ruined it in my opinion. Love the videos, though!

  20. ,, Appalachian American,, it’s what I growed up with,, Harlan Kentucky,,,classic,, shopdogsam

  21. ,,,,Aaaaa, now that’s a good idea, I think i’ll bake the duck tape girl a pizza pie,, the oven is already hot as I just baked a sweet, cherry cornbread pudding,, Oh! so good,, video with recipe will uploaded later,,,, shopdogsam

  22. i’m fixin to work on this and give ‘er a shot. should be great!!! :)

  23. why do you eat with chopsticks?

  24. Need more sammiches videos sam ur the best

  25. your accent is classic! :D 

  26. That made my mouth watery before I go the maytag 1937 great videos

  27. “from the nom nom east coast of arkansa nom nom , Shop Dog Sam
    nom nom” . hahahahah, perfect, just perfect!! LOVE your videos Sam , both mechanical and culinary, keep it up!!

  28. You’re amazing o.O