McCormick-Deering “baling wire engine” #3

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Oh! yes, the piston is stuck tight in the cylinder!,,, rust, and more rust,,, yes I am going to disassemble ‘er down to the bare block and then we are going to put ‘er back together and expect ‘er to start on the first turn of the flywheel,, well maybe three turns on a new start up,,,, I think two turns, but first i’ve got to get these stuck flywheels off of the crankshaft,, (gib key removing tool works about half of the time) now let’ make a quick check to see if the flywheels turns true,,,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, this has been #3 of this “baling wire engine” rebuilding series, and the show goes on,, to be continued,,, 1927 McCormick-Deering 1 1/2 hp, type m, (made by International Harvester)
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  1. Sam do you have parts for ihc m engines?

  2. keep em commin

  3. i like your run out indicator, great job dog! She is a tough ol girl!

  4. I must admit, I enjoy watching the fine detail of rebuild more than the tear down. But I have patients.
    Ps. I still make sure I’m to class early, get a good seat!

  5. wow what a fight

  6. schuuuslidingin

  7. If at first you don’t suceed Git a Bigger Hammer !!! Love that Gib Key Remover Tool

  8. I wasn’t much for homework when I was in school, but I did it anyway. Lol. 

  9. The trains seem to take their time going past – is there an incline or do they slow down through the town? I liked SHcinema’s idea about the collar, but it might have to be made out of something softer than the crankshaft as it might pull on an angle (thats not a pun about your x-rated monkey)

  10. Hippie, you got the life. Good food, hippie duct tape girl, trains and old motors. What more can you ask for?

  11. I hear a train a coming, coming round the bend, I aint seen the sunshine since I don’t know when.

  12. more and more p.b. blaster !!!!!!

  13. I am really enjoying yer videos there shopdog! I have been interested in these ol engines for a few years now, but still dont really know a thing about em except what Ive learned here on your channel in the past few weeks. I really appreciate you sharing yer knowledge with us.

  14. Hey Sam… could you make a collar with a notch in it that would slide over those jib (gib?) keys then rotate behind them to give you something to bite onto with your gear puller? I would think it would save those keys some damage and be able to pull any of them out once you got enough space in it for the collar to be used. A heavy steel washer might work as a collar. Just a thought.

  15. good job i learn a lot by watching you you give me all kinds of ideas.