Maze Creator v3.6 – Level Demo

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A playthrough of a demo maze I created for Maze Creator version 3.6, featuring the AI’s new design. For Info & Download: thread: New things since v3.1: +Multiple maze levels (up/down) +AI Steampunk design +Node Steampunk design +Checkpoints +Special Player lighting +Custom AI Path sequence +Player fall death +Alternate fun texture mode (Press C) +Real floor panels ————————– Music ————————– Artist: Atrium Carceri Track: Reborn Album: Ptahil

Portable MusicBox Clock, Steampunk -ish, Light Goth Design

Mech-Punk, TeslaPunk, Gothish, hurdey-gurdey crank musicbox (song from Phantom of The Opera), with one-hand clock, internal illumination, antique brass camera lens viewer, and ergonomic carrying handles. Won 2010 Juror’s Choice Award at southern arizona Desert Artists’ Guild Show.
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  1. Hey,
    If you’d like to help out, that’d be really appreciated. You can post your ideas in the WIP thread on BlenderArtists(org) for this game (not sure if you’re registered there). I’ll put a link to that thread in the description.

    Likewise, you can also make suggestions for new content or improvements to what’s there. And I’m not sure how a storyline could be implemented into the game, but the idea does sound cool ;)

  2. If I could do 3D models I would really help you! This looks amazing!

  3. Subscribed

  4. happy to hear your reply :) )
    keep improving it!

  5. - I like the suggestions. I was thinking about adding blood. I’m not sure how to do the ladder climbing though, since there isn’t really a physical level of the maze above you. The game deletes the current level and replaces it with the data from the level you’re going to.
    I think the teleporters could use some work, as well as some special effect sort of animation like you said.

  6. Think it will be cooler if there are blood when you die, you can actually climb the ladder upstair, not like “you went up a floor”, and some cool animation when you are teleporting. I’m nothing to say these things, but just some advices, love the vid.

  7. That is really kinda creepy I wouldn’t want to walk around with that f*cking steampunk “thing”.

  8. 1:54 steampunk Mordor killer machine

  9. Are you ever gonna add sounds Riyu?

  10. Just spent the last 3 hours making a giant maze…

  11. Why the hell does this only have 56 views?