Making premo jewelry (steam punk)

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 12 comments

Steam Punk jewellery is the latest accessory trend – a combination of gothic edge and Victorian style that teenagers will love. Corinne Bradd uses Premo (?) clay to make these fab cog pendants, embellished with old clock parts and funky textures.
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  1. I don’t know why some people don’t think this is steampunk. And as far as I know, steampunk is what you want it to be… so yeah, maybe it isn’t to you but may be to some. It’s a free video and someone is taking time out of their day to make it.

  2. that’s not steam punk

  3. thats exactly what I was thinking they DO NOT understand.
    i have a lot f steam punk and its NOTHING like in the video.

  4. What was the thing she made the dots with?

  5. As much as I absolutely appreciate you guys sharing your creative endeavors with the world I am compelled to tell you that the styling on this was way off base. There is nothing remotely steampunk about this, and based on the artists description of steampunk I would say her understanding of the style is shaky at best.

  6. screw u!

  7. this is the wost peice of steam punk jewlery ive ever seen

  8. Awesome clay can use it for anything!!!!

  9. Lol, this is not Steampunk. The embossing powder looks like dirt. XD

  10. “TARDIS” @ 0:42!!!

  11. Always helpful and never disappointed watching… You guys always get me motivated and are always full of info….

  12. None of the things made or shown in this video look steampunk at all. Where are the gears? The lace? The clocks? They look more like cheap, oddly-styled crap than anything else..