Making a Steampunk Ring, Secret Bezel, Glue Techniques with Pearl Ex

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in Videos | 9 comments

Whoa, there’s a whole lot going on in this video which will cover making a cool Steampunk style ring with a twirling propeller, a Secret Heart bezel pendant …
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  1. I don’t care HOW LOW Hobby Lobby sells, I will never buy anything from that joint.

  2. Its a type of Super glue, i think.

  3. and what is e6000?

  4. you kinda remind me of roseanne from the show roseanne!

  5. Im srry if you take offence by this but i get so hard just by the sound of your voice i think you are very beautiful and are in meny of my wildest fantesys

  6. Very simple and beautiful art.

  7. I just love your videos I am going to buy so much stuff from your site

  8. I just love your videos

  9. LOVE!!