Makeup tutorial: Steampunk [Requested] Feat BH cosmetics

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Videos | 22 comments

If you wanna see more pictures please visit my facebook fan page! Hello everyone! My friend Sara requested this look :) I hope you guys enjoy it. xoxo Items used: NYX jumbo pencil in rust BH cosmetics 120 2nd edition Ebay lashes Pop beauty highlight and bronzer NYX bloom lip pencil Wet n wild lipstick LA colors lipgloss HIP eyepencil Royalty free music: Songs: Gem droids , flying while weeping
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  1. Ohh my gosh. The nose chain. I ADORE IT. Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere?

  2. omg. this is fab

  3. nice! will use this someday <3 can i ask you how do you download the music?

  4. You’re so sweet for letting her interrupt your video. =3 Good karma.
    (I’m a dude and got here from a SP gun painting tutorial. So I probably won’t use your technique any time soon.)

  5. so cute

  6. I think you look pretty with and without the makeup

  7. want to know the best part of the video? it’s when the puppy comes on. ;D <3 <3 <3

    btw fantastic job. the make up is gorgeous and you have amazing make up skills! keep up the awesome work!

  8. ♥ cairn terrier

  9. I love your dog the dog looks his/her name maybe Total very cute, love the makeup tutorial Sub4love.

  10. >> all good, it’s winter down here ( I’m in New Zealand :) ). Thks for your help !!

  11. Awww!! Thank you so so much!!! You just made my day <3

  12. I got it at the craft store :) 

  13. Awww!! Thank you! I am happy I could help.
    Yes, I used lash glue. Depends, if you are going to be on a hot place i would recommend keeping the lash glue on your purse if possible. But other than that it should stay in place <3

  14. thanks !! you just saved me !! I was searching like crazy for a nice steampunk tutorial : I will wear this look tomorrow for a steampunk event.

    thanks again !!
    quick question : did you glued the gears with eyelash glue ? if yes, will it stay all day long ? thanks again :)

  15. Very professional! Never seen the “tape trick”. Thanks! You not only look fabuluous but you are a FANTASTIC make-up artist!

  16. where did you get the little cogs?? and i absolutely love the cool effects next to the eye :) xx

  17. To the supermarket.

  18. Thank you very much!! ♥

  19. lovely……just lovely! <3

  20. This is great! I’m going to a school dance (masquerade-themed) and my outfit is steampunk-ish, and I’m totally using this. :)

  21. Where would you wear this to?

  22. Awww Obrigada <3