Make a Tiara, Threadbanger Projects

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Videos | 19 comments

Make a Tiara, Threadbanger Projects

This week, Corinne shows us how-to make a beaded princess tiara. Everyone has the right to let out their inner prince or princess every now and then. Website Blog http Submit a Video to Us! Twitter Facebook LINKS to Tiaras: http http
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  1. Lovely,I hope it makes them happy xxxxx

  2. Is there a link to emotionalcrafter (the girl dressed as Sailor Moon)?

  3. Sweet! My daughters wardrobe is going to be much fuller now!!! Xx

  4. now that is cool where do i get wire

  5. How can i make this but like a massive one? i need a tiara on a mascot costume and im searching for do-able ideas.

  6. can we use something else instead of wire?

  7. It was GREAT but… I think that it should be two 12″,two 9″, and two 6″.
    I tried it and it looks GREAT! I also used green colored wire for a Aerial crown

  8. Ow cute.. I’m going to do that for halloween

  9. I think silver coloured wire would’ve looked better.

  10. woow pretty cool thanks

  11. I want to make a black one

  12. i made a crown for christmas out of very hardpacked snow, evergreen sprigs, and mistletoe berries. i felt just like a snow princess. (but i had to keep the crown in the freezer

  13. …I love you guys. I do. I really do. You make my life so much more interesting and useful (to me)…

  14. thank you for uploading

  15. now i know what to give my friend for her birthday thanks

  16. And if you use golden colored, silver colored or steel wire it looks way more pretty. :)

  17. plz can you teach us how to make jasmine crown and aroura

  18. plz teach how to make a doll

  19. Woot go Sailor Moon I just made one of those for my cosplay