Make a Complete Glow Stick – Refillable Too!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Videos | 12 comments

How to Make a Complete and Refillable Glow Stick with a steampunk style to it. The idea is simple, use compression fittings normally used in plumbing to create a glow stick tube that can be emptied and refilled when the fluid dies. The vials or ampoules of hydrogen peroxide is created from cheap glass pipettes that are flame sealed. The other chemicals can be found from our original glow stick reaction video: An important change though is the use of diethyl phthalate solvent rather than ethyl acetate. Diethyl phthalate gives a longer lasting light. Other aliphatic dialkyl phthalates can be used including diethylhexyl phthalate so you can use whatever you have onhand. If built correctly and the purity of chemicals is good then it will last 3-8 hours. If you’re having problems with leaking be sure to use teflon tape. Subscribe, rate and comment! Special note: Brass is pretty hard, so if you glowstring with this and hit someone… it’s going to HURT… so be careful! Our website at:



  1. solid or licuwid?

  2. Where the fuck would you get this from? you cant exactly just buy it off Ebay


  3. I used it to make a glow in the dark freerun suit

  4. I didn’t knew that Dark Vader likes chemistry!

  5. A few hours if you are using diethyl phthalate.

  6. Looks like Whale Oil from Dishonored

  7. Dude are you a scientist I mean that is so good but one thing how the fuck in the world can you get those things

  8. One time when i was little I didn’t know glowsticks had glass in them, so I cut one open and rubbed the stuff on my hands. A few seconds later I had blood dripping from my hands. Now I know why :)

  9. it might be good for decor on ur toilet.

  10. what is those thing in english??can i get it in my kitchen..please be specific.

  11. His voice is modified with a program…

  12. I’m pretty sure he modulates his voice so its not his real voice, makes sense with the vids he makes.