luminous eye makeup for steampunk look

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Videos | 21 comments

Elle from Spell Cosmetics created this lit from within look. This is one of many looks we did for a steampunk group shoot. I wanted a victorian steampunk sty…



  1. lolz so srry XD i cant tell :T but now i do XD

  2. @bellekittyrocks03 That was my comment. I posted that before she hacked me.

  3. says the one who ALWAYS says the rude comments on stuff -.- like to me friend bigfurryfamily -.-

  4. Look, no one is forcing you to do your makeup this way. So leave the rude thoughts in your HEAD. :/

  5. Please tell us what the image is that flashes at 2:30, I tried to pause it ..

  6. Just taking a moment to thank recent viewers for their inciteful comments :)

  7. I have that same braclet…o_o

  8. Thank you all for your recent comments :)

  9. sorry, but the make up is aweful! why you didnt use a foundation or concealer? and the eyebrows are too dark.. and the eyeshadow looks spotted.. the picture in the end, looks good, because of photoshop or something like that. sorry it looks to me like this.

  10. Is that some subliminal messaging at 2:30?

  11. the smoking is the powder of the different make up that flyes up when the brush is bend. you get the same thing when you go over a very dry brush and the dust and/or other materials (such as paint, glue or powders) just jump out of the brush and do that smoking.

  12. thanks fr the ideas! and the free music!

  13. whats smoking? 1:14?

  14. what music is this??

  15. Haha….no smoking in MY studio :) . Glad you enjoyed it, mabye tutorials someday ?!…………..N.

  16. Awesome, I wish I could do makeup like that.

    It looks like her eye is smoking a couple times, is that the make up. Or is someone smoking in the background ha ha ha. She looks like Christina Ricci in the second picture.

  17. Hey there….Thanks!

  18. WOW!

  19. Thank you :) I hope these are interesting for viewers. Have a wonderful weekend………N.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love to see the process just as much as I like seeing the end product (which is absolutely stunning.)

  21. OMG!! I can’t write the English language!!! IT, IT was a pleasure!!! :)