Low-Poly Steampunk Helicopter

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Videos | 3 comments

Low-Poly Steampunk Helicopter

I created this model during a group project. I was tasked to create an interesting flying vehicle. By collating lots of reference photos of flying vehicles, I created my own design and this model was the result. It was very important to create a low poly model so it could be used in a games engine. The polygon count was just 7455 and by using ZBrush and Photoshop, I created detailed textures which gave the model a more interesting, rustic, look. Along with designing this model, I undertook all the other stages in 3D modeling.



  1. HL3′s getaway vehicle. :L

  2. looks like the pilder for mazinger z.

  3. That looks really effective