London, 1856 – A Steampunk Orchestra

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London, 1856 – A Steampunk Orchestra

Hey! So here’s a score I’ve been writing while having time off university. I was thinking about a boy who runs around in this steampunk city, doing business for his steampunk professor or something! An adventure starter :D Let me know what ya think! Here’s a download link: Walid ****** This piece is under copyright of Creative Commons. You may use, copy, distribute and transmit the work under the following conditions – You must attribute London, 1856 to Walid Feghali (with link). If money is made from your distribution of this score, an agreement with the author must be made. ******
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  1. man do i like this…

  2. oh geez i hadn’t read the description at first and then i realized that i was thinking the SAME VERY BLOODY THING AS YOU OMSHAJNTEHRYJTRWEHASD

  3. Hi spyrogirl, I just tried to send you a message and couldn’t work out how. (I’m not a freak, I just want to hear what you’ve got planned) I like this whole steampunk malarkey.

  4. I wish that the movement wasn’t called steampunk. I think it’s fucking cool and everything but the word punk puts me off a little. This music is cool too, very film esque. Are there steampunk bands and shite that I should check out? Are there steampunk instruments and all? an organ that runs on steam shouldn’t be too hard to manufacture…

  5. Please, send me a link to the full-sized picture in the vid. It`s so beautiful *_*

  6. when this becomes real let me know. i want to fly. that’s all i’ve wanted for a while. i don’t have the money for doing steampunk. let me know when the airships are real and if it would be possible to have them fly to where i live for a masquerade ball i’m working on

  7. I think I have that soundtrack somewhere actually :) I used to have Mortal Engines but the parents threw it out because they thought it was too scary :P I’ve found a good skirts and goggles tutorials so I think I’ll try my hand at that :) thank you. I went to London and ended up going to Camden market to look at the TickTock shop (awesome steamy jewellery) so I think I may get an outfit together soon :)

  8. That’s a fantastic idea, and one I’ve fantasised about ever since I learned of Steampunk, and only wanted more when I heard of the Steampunk Opera, and the city of New Albion.

  9. Certainly try the Steampunk Opera, buy Paul Shapera/MochaLabs. It shows a fantastic image of Steampunk life in a darker tone. I’d also try books such as Mortal Engines, which are certainly a Steampunk-ish setting. Otherwise, just google things, and go nuts!

  10. Thanks! This is done in Cubase, actually, no real orchestra I’m afraid. :) It’s made with different VST’s and sample libraries.

  11. I’ve just discovered steampunk and fallen in love. You guys are so amazingly clever and creative and I want to try and be like that. Does anyone have tips for m,e cause it’s just so big, I don’t know where to begin :) thanks :D


  13. Anyone who has commented their interest, I’m currently sending a message to you via YouTube :) Oh, and Feroyn, you’re amazing for posting this video! What an opportunity you’ve given us!

  14. Wow!!! I absolutely love this!! But I’m curious, did you actually record an orchestra playing this or did you use some plug-in on Cubase (or similar?) I’m a budding composer but I don’t have access to an orchestra and I can only record my songs as poor sounding Sibelius files :/ Once again, really love the music!!

  15. clean energy thanx to steampump…K

  16. lol I know, but we can become marauders, kill everyone there/enslave them and then start our own civilization LOL (not really, but it would be cool to be marauders and own those islands :D )

  17. You know what? Lets do this!

    Just wait 10 years for me to finish school and get resources…but I’ll be waiting with my airships in (insert suitable area here)!
    We’ll require several engieneers (both mechanical and technical), some designers (I volunteer as tribute!), a wise, responsible Council, and of course..

    A. LOT. OF. BRASS. &. STEAM.

  18. They’re occupied already, unfortunely. Plus, the argentinian/british goverment wouldn’t be too happy about it.

  19. Bring it on,man. I love steampunk.

  20. Message me , i have a really good feeling about this!!

  21. I will follow you! let steampunk get real!!!!