Lighting Design

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What is the lighting consultant’s role in construction?

Lighting Consultants have been around for many decades and have the knowledge of the industry and qualified to the latest CIBSE, LIF and ICEL standards to provide advice on luminaires, lamp and ballast options available for the project in mind.

Architects, electrical contractors, commercial and retail markets hire consultants every day to help make correct choices concerning luminaires, lighting layouts, lighting levels and ensure emergency luminaires are correctly positioned where necessary.

While some clients may have inquiries about design, other clients may need to know if they can install a certain luminaire in a swimming pool or kitchen. As this could be interpreted as electrical advice, it is important to acquire the proper assistance to ensure correct IP ratings are used, whether the luminaire is suitable for that environment or even robust enough to withstand the weather or hazardous conditions.

Before you meet the lighting consultant, bear in mind that they have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any issues and provide sound advice throughout the project.

When you meet a lighting consultant, ask yourself a few questions and see how they apply to the project.

What is the function of the space and the appearance you are looking for?

What tasks will be performed there, are there any safety issues?

Are there any statutory requirements IP Rating, Fire rated, Emergency Luminaires?

Which architectural features should be emphasized?

What will your furniture layout be?

How much daylight is there?

Do the luminaires need to be dimmed or put on PIR’s?


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