LGR Plays – Dishonored

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LGR Plays - Dishonored

Gameplay and commentary on Dishonored for PC, a completely awesome steampunk (whalepunk?) FPS with stealth and action-RPG elements. A must-play for fans of Thief, Deus Ex, Dark Messiah, and Bioshock. Buy Dishonored for less on my game shop and help support LGR! www.gamefanshop.com My PC specs: lazygamereviews.wordpress.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. @TheHunter14792 yes

  2. im playing this game and all i can say is i love it. is very cool u guys should try it

  3. You’re new here, aren’t you…

  4. @10:21 – @10:31

    Epic Morgan Freeman Impression

  5. Does killing weepers count as killing?

  6. Funny usually when phreakindee loses or dies in a game he usually dies in the time he usually stops at

  7. About $1,100 when it was new a couple years ago.

  8. A lesser know option is that when fighting Lord Shaw, you can pull out the crossbow and take him out with a sleep dart, this will please Lord Pendleton, and you won’t have any blood on your hands.

  9. So, If I were to buy everything on your PC specs page, I would be able to assemble a complete PC? Nothing is left out? I want to make one like yours.

    (Sorry to reply to an irrelevant comment, I thought it’d be more likely to be seen.)

  10. I checked out your computer specs , how much did you pay for your pc ?

  11. 23:41

  12. Is skyrim better

  13. Dafuq?

  14. i saw daggerfall on amazon for 50$ used

  15. Holy crap you got that rather cheaply.

    I saw Arena go for 120$
    Daggerfall copy I was bidding on reached 98$ at the last minute, just before I tried my last second bid of 80$, and at the time it said the last bidder bid 50$.

    So like, last 10 seconds it went from ~45$ to about 100$
    I honestly thought I had it in the bag but apparently someone wanted it more than I did.

  16. Yes,you’re right!Have you ever played RAGE? made by id and bethesda kinda cool game too!Similar to fallout!

  17. Dang straight. I wear inside out babies for breakfast, so I didn’t give it a second thought.

  18. I have a “Daggerfall fund” ready, hehe. Waiting on a complete, great condition holographic box is what’s holding me back. So often they’re missing things or in awful shape, or are a later release without that awesome reflective cover. Waited a couple years to find my copy of Arena, was so worth the 70 bucks.

  19. I have done some voice acting (I was in the game Gas Guzzlers recently, for instance) so in that sense, yes, I’ve considered it! Though not as a full-time gig or anything, just haven’t stumbled into a way to make that viable.

  20. I can certainly relate to that feeling. It’s one of those that was so awesome I was disappointed to see it end. But I think the length of the game is quite fair for the genre. I’ve just seen a lot of people blow it off as bad value because of its supposed low number of missions, which is really unfair to the game. It’s a quality over quantity thing :)

  21. Yes,Sir! I just finished it today,kinda liked it,played mostly sneaky style, up until the last mission,when i ran out of the arrows and started slaughtering everyone :D
    It was a really good game,maybe thats why im feeling it was short.

  22. have you considered voice acting work phreakindee?

    I know a few people who would love to use your skill.

  23. good luck, whenever I try to find it on ebay I get sniped at least 50$+ what I expect its going to get up too. When people bid on Daggerfall they are out for blood.